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Epik Announces New and Improved Marketplace

Posted on the 30 August 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

Ala Dadan from Epik announced a new and improved Epik marketplace.

Epik Marketplace

Happy Friday All
I’m pleased to announce the new design for Epik Domain Name Marketplace. if you didn’t have the chance to view it yet, you could check it out here:
The new design is a significant improvement from the old Marketplace.
While working on the redesign, our goal was to have a responsive, user-friendly, intuitive and engaging interface.
Page load time, search engine friendly and overall aesthetics are some of the enhancements we worked on. But that’s not the end of our plans for the Marketplace. as we are working on introducing

  • Domainer profiles on the Marketplace
  • Domain Negotiation feature, through a built-in messaging system.
  • An integration of our Escrow service including intuitive dashboard and API.
  • Domain Requests section where you can list domains needed.
  • A simplified and superior domain listing process.
  • Verified analytics for domains integrated directly into the Domain pages

There is much more to come. If you see gaps, or have suggestions, we are keen to get your feedback.
Thank you for choosing Epik.

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