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EPA: Engine Fines Needed to Keep Navistar Running

Posted on the 15 May 2012 by Easytracgps @EasyTracGPS

The debate over using EGR vs. SCR after treatment systems on diesel engines to meet federal emission limits is far from over and indeed has just heated up considerably in court filings. Responding in a legal brief to a lawsuit filed against it by Volvo Group North America, Daimler AG and Cummins Inc. for allowing Navistar International to pay fines on its noncompliant engines, the Environmental Protection Agency said that had it not imposed the fines, Navistar “might be forced from the marketplace.”

EPA: Engine fines needed to keep Navistar running

Navistar engine line (Navistar International Corp.)

EPA said in its defense of allowing the fines that Navistar’s inability to comply with the EPA ’10 emission rules exposed both its customers and employees to “serious harm,” as was pointed out in detailed Dow Jones Newswire report on the case   posted online today. Navistar has been paying about $1,900 per noncompliant heavy-duty engine.


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