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Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer

By Gpangel @gpangel1
Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer was written in 1941.
Joseph wants to be have a holiday party and has invited his niece and nephew, and their current significant others, as well as his brother Nathan's business partner. Apparently old uncle "Nat" was not the holiday cheer type and was up and down with a painful malady, making him grumpier than usual. Having all these people under one roof proved not to be such a grand idea when Uncle Nat was murdered in his bed.
This is a classic "locked door" mystery set during the holidays, making this a good mystery to pull out this time of year. Suspects and motives abound as Inspector Hemingway tries to sort through the evidence and alibi's.
This classic mystery might have you thinking twice about congregating your family under one roof for a little holiday gathering.
This book is a part of my personal book collection and one I've always wanted to read, but somehow never got around to. I'm glad I decided to sneak it in my holiday reading list this year.
This one would appeal to all mystery lovers, but especially to those that enjoy British mysteries and classic mysteries. A+

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