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Entrails - The Tomb Awaits

Posted on the 19 September 2011 by Ripplemusic
Entrails - The Tomb AwaitsLet me set the scene for you – As of today you’ll be locked inside of a house that is littered with human remains, dust and chemicals that could burn through your skin like acid. As you awaken from your slumber and look around, you begin to realize that you’re not in Kansas anymore. Where could you be and why would anyone place you in a room with all of these horrible things?
As you ponder on what you did last, at least from what you could remember, you begin to question your own brain. Was your brain actually playing pranks on you or were you just going bat shit crazy? Looking under the very thin crack under the door, trying to hear or see anything to help you understand where you might be, you begin to hear a conversation. Within that conversation between two males, you learn that the place you’ve held is just a holding cell and your real tomb awaits you.
So, as you may have already figured out, this is hell. Today, we’re covering Entrails’ new record that is set to release September 9th titled “The Tomb Awaits”. From the little intro that you just read, I hope you prepared for disgusting war, the smell of body parts being eating my creatures and unholy madness to the maximum level because that’s exactly what Entrails’ gives you on the new record. “The Tomb Awaits” is a twelve track follow up from their 2010 record “Tales From The Morgue”. I’ll say this, if any of you actually listened to “Tales From The Morgue”, you might want to armor up and place every ounce of metal you have in your house on you because “The Tomb Awaits” is a step up, plus more.
Corruption, damnation, fun loving thrills of being mangled to death by throbbing bass lines and groovy riffs, it’s all here on “The Tomb Awaits”. The different endings are completely up in the air while you listen to this record. On one end, you could be praising a false priest that believes in nothing except revenge or you could be dangling high above a million humans waiting to humiliate you and rip you apart as if you were a lamb at a slaughter.
So, final verdict? Entrails’ “The Tomb Awaits” may not be the missing piece that we’ve missed in death metal but it is a very much appreciated record, in my opinion. Although it may not hit you head on, this record will smack you pretty hard in the end and if it doesn’t, a doctor might want to called because you are far from human.

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