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Entertainment Properties Trust - EPR

Posted on the 09 November 2011 by Divstkforcomman @DivStkForComMan
Entertainment Properties Trust, stock ticker EPR, is a self-administered REIT. They own, lease and finance megaplex theatres, public charter schools, entertainment retail centers, and destination recreational and specialty properties. EPR owns properties in the United States and Canada. I am a fan of EPR mainly due to their incredible 70 cent per share quarterly dividend, which currently is a 6.33% dividend yield. Also, I believe they are invested in solid industries which provide consistent quarterly profits. When investing or buying properties EPR uses the following methodology:
1) Inflection Opportunity: A renewal or restructuring in an industry’s properties that creates an opportunity for insightful capital.
2) Enduring Value: Investments in real estate devoted to and improving upon long-lived activities.
3) Excellence Execution: Premium locations and investment executions that lead to market-dominant performance and create credit beyond the tenant.
4) Attractive Economics: Accretive initial returns along with growth in yield over the life of our investments in categories of meaningful size.
5) Advantageous Position: Sustainable competitive advantages based on knowledge, relationships or access to key investment elements.
That being said, EPR has consistently invested in the correct properties at the right time and right location. Case and point: Jack Frost/Big Boulder, which is a ski resort in Blakeslee, PA. This is a very profitable location and will be around for at least 30 years plus. If you invest your hard earned dollars in EPR, rest assured your money will be safe and increase year over year due to reinvesting all of your dividends. For a more detail portfolio listing, click here.
EPR have had a great run over past few years and are still returning a great dividend. The dividend payout continues to rise in a tough real estate climate. You can't go wrong here. Please visit EPR's home page at Also, please visit their Investor Relations webpage (here) and read their entire Annual Report (here) to really get a detailed view of how EPR operates and how well they are doing. Check out the videos below too! I hope you have a great day! Happy Investing!

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