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Entertainment Ideas for Parents

By Catty212
Being a parent is a constant battle of exhaustion, hunting for a babysitter and deciding whether the rare free night you get is better spent at the cinema or scrubbing the kitchen floor. There's no denying, your life changes when you have children. Long gone are the days of wild nights on the town, three day hangovers and lazy weekends. Although our evenings are mainly spent at home nowadays, it doesn't necessarily mean they're boring. We're always trying to come up with entertainment ideas for us parents too.
Watch a film
Cuddle up under a blanket, turn the lights off, put some popcorn in a bowl and pick a film. We certainly get our moneys worth each month from Netflix. They regularly add new films and series to watch. It's much cheaper than going to the cinema and it means we don't need to have the hideous task of trying to find a babysitter.
Entertainment ideas for parentsPlay a game
If you'd rather something a little more thought provoking, what about a board game? There's nothing like a good game of Scrabble or Monopoly to start a domestic/awaken your competitive streak.
Entertainment ideas for parentsHave a picnic
Yes, really. Get out the blanket, and eat on your living room floor. It's even better if it's a take away and you combine it with suggestion one.

Play bingo online
Set yourself a budget and check out the best deals for Bingo. I love spending an hour or two chancing my luck to try and win a fortune. Hubby and I spend hours making day dream plans of what we'd spend a big win on, where we'd go and what we'd do.

Get arty
During the run up to our wedding Hubby and I spent many evenings hand making decorations for our wedding venue. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and found it quite therapeutic. We've also completed a Project Life album for the little man first year, choosing photos, creating background images and collages.
Entertainment ideas for parentsRelaxation
Create a spa at home. Light some candles, put on some relaxing music and get your hubby to give you a foot rub or back massage. You don't need to go to a posh spa to relax.
What are you favorite things to do at home?
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