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Ensure Zero Tolerance Corporate Security with ZServiceDesk IT GRC

Posted on the 20 March 2021 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

No matter the kind of business your organization is into, Digital security in today's environment should be the highest priority to avoid any loss such as financial, reputational, etc.

Do you know how secure your organization is when it comes to digital security? Are you aware which all steps to be taken to get protected? Do you want to have overall control of the security posture of your organization? It is no more complicated and can be done without specialized training or high-level information security courses. Here is the solution from ZServiceDesk to establish the overall governance for security risks and many other essential parameters and get started in almost no time. Have a look at the key features mentioned below to see how ZServiceDesk can ensure the best protection ever.

Manage your Risks

Unless you aren't aware or managing risk properly, you can't assume how much potential loss could be if something goes wrong. For any corporate, it is a tedious task to manage the complete lifecycle of Risk. Under this feature, once you identify a specific risk, you can categorize, prioritize, assign an owner and keep track of all risk-related parameters. You can define the impact of risk and what steps to be taken to reduce the risk with a complete action plan. You can create tasks and assign them to someone and create what all controls to be deployed to reduce the risk. Management stakeholders can view a single dashboard of risks and define the next course of action to be executed.

Enforce Security Policies

At the operational levels, if employees are not taking sufficient measures or aren't aware about what to do or not to do, they could open a gate for cyber criminals. Finally, it is the organization, who incurs the actual losses. Hence, the best way to protect at the operational level is by defining certain rules and enforcing them at the organizational level.

ZServiceDesk Policy Management can help your organization to create security policies and circulate them to all employees within the organization. You can manage all the policy parameters such as Policy Status, who has created, who has approved, Policy Owner, Viewers Group, Send Policies, Discard Policies, etc.

Audit & Compliances

If your organization is bound to comply with certain compliances such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS, etc., or if you are facing regular internal or external audits to meet the compliances, laws, and regulations, ZServiceDesk's this module to going to ease everything related to audits and compliances.

All key compliance clauses are available so that you align the same with your requirement and track the completion status or score of compliances and define what all actions to be taken to ensure timely compliances and avoid any kind of penalty. Further, you can create Audit activities and record all important information, assign tasks, audit plans, sample or actual audit data, challenges, schedule, documentation, etc.

Other Features

There are many other features available such as security documents repository, Initiate security-related communication to all the users, etc. You can also manage the vendors-related information and ask them which security measures they follow and how they ensure protection when in agreement with your organization.

Finally, Intelligent Dashboards and Custom reports will give actionable intelligence to the management and help them make the decisions accordingly.

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