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Enjoy Few Simple but Effective German Games for Language Learning Improvement

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Are you in the process of learning German at language schools lately? You might find your study habits so boring that you tend not to study at all.

But there is good news! If you want to unwind for a while, but still able to practice your German language skills, why not rest yourself in a while and on your desktop, enjoy playing the provided German games online! These are actually very simple, but hey, it certainly very effective for your language learning improvement!

Let’s take a quick browse of these games.


This is a very simple German game online that even kids can easily acquire. Basically, some things are provided and the players will arrange them accordingly. The objects would be arranged from smallest to largest (vom kleinsten bis größten), from slowest to fastest (vom langsamsten bis schnellsten), from the youngest to oldest (vom jüngsten bis ältesten), and the like.


Very common game to the norm, isn’t it? But in the context of German language learning, bingo is very effective to master a learner’s skills in terms of vocabulary. In this game, learners can choose from various categories like forest animals (tiere im wald), bathroom (badezimmer), human body (körper), clothes (kleidung), color (farben), shapes (formen), and more!


Memory games have always been very significant means to test a person’s memory skills, basically. But when it is integrated with German language learning, it becomes an effective tool to attest a person’s memory of the things he learned that pertains to German. Memory in this German game online offers numerous categories to choose from: weather (wetter), vehicles (transport), valentine (valentinstag), sports (sportartikel), household (haushaltssachen), medical (die medizin), food (essen), and a whole lot more!

So, are you ready to apply these simple games to improve your German language

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