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EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)

Posted on the 26 February 2019 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

You might often explore the internet looking for the best resume samples that suit your industry. Each of the industry has different kinds of resume. However, it is important that you choose the right resume builder that is perfect for your needs and your resume should look attractive.

There are a number of resume builders lately but the most important thing is that it should be suitable for all industries. Be it the Marketing, IT, Sales, Accounting, Engineering or business, a resume builder should have these variations. EnhancV is one of the best resume builders that I have come across.

EnhancV is perfectly crafted for every industry and it makes sure your resume is suited for the job you want and optimizes it to get through applicant tracking systems and screening robots.

In this post, we have shared EnhancV promo codes February 2019 with all its features and pricing as well as the guide for creating a resume.

EnhancV Resume Builder Discount Coupon Promo Codes February 2019

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)

How to Grab EnhancV Discount?

  • Select the pricing plan that you want to choose.
  • Choose whether you want the monthly, quarterly or semi-annual plan.
  • Use promo code 'bloggersideas' and get 10% OFF
  • Choose the payment method and proceed.

EnhancV in partnership with BloggersIdeas is offering 10% off for the first 100 customers. HURRY!!

EnhancV Review with Promo Codes February 2019: Resume Builder for Professionals

EnhancV is a Bulgarian startup that started in 2014 with the aim of providing with some of the best resume for the professionals. The company grew from 3 to 14 and then 14 to even larger with the introduction of new features.

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)
Why EnhancV?

Enhancv resumes leave an impression on recruiters and hiring managers. The tool helps you create a resume which serves as a compelling summary of your strengths and accomplishments. While using Enhancv, you'll be encouraged to think beyond the obvious.

Just as you write, the tool shows actionable, contextual advice and it's based on what the experts say. The best part? You never need to align sections by hitting the spacebar dozens of times as the formatting is taken care of completely.


The robust features and the resume building tools altogether combine to form a great resume for you. It has a lot of useful features that can improve your resume building skills.

  • Interface: The interface of EnhancV after login is quite friendly and the most attractive resume writing interfaces. The designs and customizations are all up-to-date with all the tools to design the resume easily navigable.
  • Content analyzer: Using AI to bring the best resume advice to you, this feature analyzes your content and makes context-specific recommendations of how to improve it, just as you write in. It can spot grammar mistakes, readability issues, repetition of phrases and icons, filler words, weak or vague wording, and more.
  • Wizard Tool: This is one of the best features for the resume builders that I saw recently. When you sign up for the first time, it will ask you a few questions and this feature called wizard tool helps you generate a resume by answering a few questions and it recommends the resume template.
  • 200+ Templates: Well!! That's something important. EnhancV offers over 200 templates belonging to different categories. These templates are editable and quite customizable too. The company has analyzed over 10k resumes and bring the most amazing designs for the customers.
  • Ask for feedback: You can also add skills that others know about you. This feature allows you to share a link to your resume with your trusted friends or colleagues. They will be able to leave feedback on your resume without having to print it. It's just like adding post-it notes wherever they spot a mistake or something which could be improved.
EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)
  • Customization & Sharing: You can customize the fonts, colours and the designs for the resume templates. The three layouts - double column, single column, and compact - are all well-laid out. And if you're feeling brave, there's also an option to share your resume on social media and get feedback from friends.
  • Memorable Design: It consists of 1000s of memorable designs with a combination of different colours, fonts and templates.
  • No skills required: You require no designing skills to create your resume. You can easily create one by using the templates. Create, edit and download them hassle free.

How to Start with EnhancV?

EnhancV is a user-friendly resume builder that has customizable templates and the best part is that it has different fields to choose from.

Whatever field you belong to, you can select that and proceed with the resume templates. Be it IT, Marketing, Sales, Engineering or Business Management, you can choose any industry you want.

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)

After choosing the industry, you will be redirected to the dashboard. The dashboard of EnhancV consists of different features that every resume builder does not have.

The Dashboard

To start with the resume building, choose the template that you wish to customize. There are a number of templates in each section. Choose the template.

The first section of the resume usually consists of the basic details such as Name, desired role, email, phone, website link (if any) and location.

You can also opt out these details by clicking the settings in that section. What I loved about this builder is that you can individually edit each section, add or delete the features.

Next, you can add the sections that you wish to. If you are confused about which section to add to your resume, you can refer to the resume examples and guides on the website.

Click on Rearrange sections which consist of a number of sections that you can add to your resume. Some of them are included in the free trial while various useful sections are only available for the Pro customers.

Some of the sections that you must add to your resume:

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Industry Expertise to emphasize on your main areas of skills relevant to your next desired role.
  • Most Proud of
  • Strengths and various others...

With the pro plan, you can make your resume more attractive and make it impressive for the recruiter. These sections include Publications, Certifications, Reference and Books.

I have added a few sections to my resume such as the Experience and Education. In the free trial, you can choose a Double column or a single column template.

I would recommend using a single column as it gives more space and makes it clear for each section. You can add the same section again.

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)

If you wish to change colours or add the background, you can customize your templates. Click on 'Customize Templates'.

Choose the colour of the font, you can get access to all the colours in the pro plan. Add different backgrounds and change the font as you wish to.

Content Analyzer will point out the mistakes such as grammar mistakes, readability issues, repetition of phrases and icons, filler words, weak or vague wording, and more.

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)

Once done, your resume can be downloaded from the editor. You can also get a resume shareable link to share it with your friends.

Find Your Strengths: Get feedback from your friends and family and add it to your resume. Click on 'Find Your Strengths' and copy the link. This link can be shared with your friends. You would need at least 10 feedback to add it your resume skills.

You can view your resumes and Cover letters in the dashboard. The dashboard features all the suggestions and the feedbacks for the perfect resume.

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)

Pricing: EnhancV Resume Builder Review With Discount Promo Codes

EnhancV gives a 7-day free Trial to the customers. You can try some of its features for 7 days.

Besides this, it also gives the flexibility to choose the duration of the subscription. You can choose the pro-monthly, pro-quarterly or pro-semi annual plan.

Pro Monthly Plan costs $19 per month.

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)

Pro Quarterly costs $14.99 per month billed for 3 months ($44. 97)

Pro Semi-Annually costs $10.99 per month billed for 6 months ($65.99)

  • # of resumes: Each of the subscriptions for the pro includes up to 10 resumes. Perfectly tailored resume templates with customizable editing tools are included. There is only one resume in the free plan.
  • Unlimited entries: You can add as many skills as you want. Add more and more professional and personal experience to get more out of it. The basic plan has limited entries.
  • Error Corrections: The content analyzer for EnhancV analyses the whole resume and suggests on how to fix them. However, the free trial only tells you the number of mistakes.
  • Remove Branding: While in the free trial, your resume will have a watermark of EnhancV, the pro plan does not have the logo in the resume in the footer.
  • Advanced Templates: In the pro plan of EnhancV, you get the advanced templates such as Compact and Modern in spite of the Single and Double column.
  • Advanced Sections: You can add the section in pro-plan such as Awards, Books, Publications and Certifications.
Pro vs Free Plan

Get Your Pro plan and Use our promo code ' bloggersideas '. Get 10% OFF with this code for the first 100 customers.

Refer a Friend Credit

Get your Pro plan for free!! EnhancV provides the refer-a-friend credit to the customers. With the each friend that you invite, you and your friend will get a $3 credit when he signs up.

Resume Examples

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)

EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)
EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)
EnhancV Review With Discount Coupon Code 2019: Upto 10% Off (Free Trial)

Customer Support

The customer support for EnhancV certainly needs improvement. There is no live chat or phone support system for the customers. However, you can refer to their resources to start with EnhancV.

The company has various useful blogs related to resume building or job interviews and networking. Similarly, there is a separate FAQ section for the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

· Is my private data secure?

Resumes are deeply personal documents. We understand that, so we never share your information with third parties, except trusted partners used to provide you with a stable and enjoyable experience when using Enhancv. Aside from that, you're in control of your data and can delete your account any time.

· Are there any discounts available?

Yes, there is a special promo code, you can always use the Invite Friends feature and get $3 of credit for each friend who signs up.

· Does Enhancv provide resume templates?

The company provides a couple of different layouts that you can use as a starting point. For reference check Resume Examples.

· Can I download my resume as a Word doc?

When sharing documents using other word processors like Microsoft Word the formatting can change dramatically. The resumes download as a PDF, which ensures your resume always looks exactly the way you designed it, works with all operating systems, and can be read by ATS systems.

· Do HRs like this format?

People have been hired at top global companies like Amazon, American Express, Spotify, SAP,, PWC and Tesla with Enhancv resumes. While liking a specific resume is always a matter of opinion, the company believes that users' success speaks for itself.

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