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Enhancing Your Online Presence As A Business

Posted on the 17 October 2017 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

You’ve Got To Have An Online Presence. Today’s world requires internet presence. The greater your online presence, the greater your ultimate impact over time. Consider smartphones as an example. A smartphone isn’t just a phone with additional features. It’s a miniature computer that can be used to surrogate most functions on traditional laptops and desktops.

Smartphones are part of the IoT, or Internet of Things. IoT tech is global, and currently devices which are defined under this term’s penumbra outnumber human beings. It’s predicted that within the next ten years, they will outnumber people three to one—and that’s probably the case in your own life already.

Are you on the internet with a laptop, or your phone? If you have two, your IoT outnumbers you. Do you have a smartwatch as well? How about a smartcar? Well, now you’re outnumbered three to one or higher. IoT tech is very trendy today because it’s very convenient. It saves you time and money—and it is downright ubiquitous.

With that in mind, your business’s online presence needs to be accessible through any media, mobile or otherwise. It’s a lot more convenient to pull out your smartphone than a laptop. Don’t neglect traditional online design motifs, but it really makes sense to adopt website solutions which are acclimated to the mobile.

Font And Web Design Considerations

Enhancing Your Online Presence As A Business

Mobile optimization involves using fonts that are easily readable on a mobile device. With this tool, you can: “See your text across hundreds of fonts!”. When you’re designing a website to be used in a mobile way, you’ve got to be sure you cover such operational exigencies.

Additionally, having the right online web presence is more likely to occur with the right web designers; according to, “Having a website is simply a must in today’s digital world and is the first step to building a strong online presence. Potential customers can land on your site to learn more about…products or services, ultimately contributing to your bottom line.”

When you’ve got the right designers onboard, you can remain trendy. Furthermore, you can rely on the expertise of professionals who work with multiple clients like you, and can help you avoid common advertising/marketing pitfalls. For example, visually “busy” websites aren’t “in” anymore—though they were in the late 90s/early 00s.

Outsourced Considerations

Another consideration when it comes to online solutions is what technology can do for you in terms of productivity. Do you realize that by switching your internal network from an on-site server array to a floated “cloud” program stratified across thousands of servers, you can save between $20k and $40k a year—minimum?

That breaks down like this: the server will be between $1k and $100k, depending. You may have multiple servers. You’ve got to transport, acquisition space for, install, connect, maintain, troubleshoot, and backup these servers. Doing so requires dedicated staff, and you won’t find someone full-time under $30k in this realm of tech.

Minimum, you’re going to save $20k in equipment expenses. Factor in personnel savings, and you’re likely close to $50k in savings—the $20k-$40k figure is deliberately conservative. Cloud outsourcing will increase productivity.

Enhancing Your Online Presence As A Business

Profit Expansion

It’s very important to increase productivity with any business—according to, “Every business owner wants to check the company’s accounts and calculate the profit it has made over the year. He hopes that his company has minimized expenses and maximized profit revenue and profit levels.”

By using technology solutions which outsource over-costly internal solutions, streamline online presence, and increase productivity through various collateral means, your business can see the cost-effective expansion necessary for sustainable profitability.

Modernity is marching onward, and that trend isn’t likely to reverse any time soon. You can expect to see more and greater innovations characterizing the technology industry going forward. There will be a life cycle to these tech developments which is worth understanding.

Inception will lead to popularity, which will soon be replaced by “the next big thing”. But if you haven’t upgraded previously, you won’t be in a position for “the next big thing”, as you’ll still be treading water managing the previous big thing. If you really want to remain profitably competitive and relevant, continuous upgrade at strategic intervals is wise.

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