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English Subtitles Are Helpful More When You Are Learning a Language

By Tlb
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On you personally, have you find subtitles really helpful in letting you learn languages? Most learners, particularly those that learn English language, are using subtitles to enhance their vocabulary and further improve their comprehension with the target language.


Hardly have we been focusing on the advantages of subtitles to each English language learning experience, but we mostly overlook the main core essence why subtitles are created on the first place.


And it is to help us understand the movie itself!


I would like to personally share my experiences in using subtitles not just to enhance my vocabulary pertaining to British English but to understand what the movie was trying to portray to me. I am an avid Harry Potter enthusiast. Hardly have I known that the movies’ story was quite remarkable until I get to really dig in to the details of really understanding the simplest scene of the story. Since I wasn’t able to read the seven books of Harry Potter, I stick to the movies, and so I was shocked of the revelations I got.


I have been watching all eight movies of harry Potter for almost endless times, but I haven’t really gotten to understand some personal questions. What’s with the prophecy thing that scares Voldemort about Harry? What was that thing that the three protagonists were destroying? Can someone please let me understand the various spells these magical people are using?


All these, and all other things about the story were finally cleared—the moment I embed subtitles on the movie. Why haven’t I thought of that before?


I know I sound silly on this, but bottom-line is that, subs are very important indeed. And the best part of including subs in my movie watching is that I don’t need to really maximize the volume just to understand what the actor was trying to say. I’ll just have to read it.


Subtitles are indeed more helpful than you think.

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