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English Language Learning Penetrates Even the Russian Terrains

By Tlb

“While members of the Ukrainian parliament are fighting over the status of the Russian language in Ukraine, English is becoming more popular in the country – without any government directive.”



Ukranian Catholic Cathedral in Philadelphia, Sign in English and Ukranian(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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As what the quoted statement above that I got from recently posted news in the internet, even the chaos of a certain country can turn out good actually especially when linguistic aspects is discussed. For those who are familiar with the language of Ukraine, it’s plainly Russian, as we can say. But now, despite the status of Russian language being fought in this country, English has been the reigning language with its citizens.


As what the news detailed, Euro 2012 has prompted the people of Ukraine to speak English. Would they be learning it in language schools? If necessary, yes. In fact, more and more people around the world are turning to English, especially in international business, so as Ukrainians follow the same language as well.


It is not a surprise that English has been well-adapted by most countries around the world already. English language is a must these days, as stated by a Euro 2012 volunteer Tetiana, don’t you agree? “The quantity of people speaking English is increasing with a speed of a sound. I know people who don’t speak English they start attending language schools. Almost everyone now speaks English,” as what Kateryna said, another Euro 2012 volunteer.


See how English has become an in demand language nowadays? We don’t despise other foreign languages here, mark that word. Bu undeniably, English has become even more recognized to be a universal language, and its influenced is increasing. Isn’t this the best time that you may also take some serious language learning as well?

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