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English Games Online for an English Language Learning

By Tlb
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Are you an English language learner who wants to learn English language and is also looking for supplementary methods of testing how skillful you are in your English knowledge? Not to mention the pressuring quizzes or evaluation tests that often gives you headache, there are other means of testing your English skills in a fun and easy way.

English games online is just the thing for you!

There are lots of games online that helps learners assess their skills in English. And since there are lots of numbers on it, I’d like to pick up two of these common games. Before taking these games into action, let’s take a quick glance of its mechanics and what it does to you as an English learner.

Find the Pairs

The concept of this game is simple. Players will just basically match the provided words to its corresponding graphics. Find the Pairs is almost like a memory game where puzzle “cards” are provided to players to find its pair. The quicker the time the puzzle is solved, the better.

This English game online is has various categories: At the sea, Ball games, Christmas, In the garden, In the house, In the kitchen, In the office, In the zoo 1, 2 and 3, Jobs, Musical instruments, Sports 1, Tools, and more! All of these categories have different levels, including the recording of times spend during the game, attempts, and correct answers. Don’t worry, the game will be too easy and it certainly sharpens your skills in learning the English language.

Find the Words

This second English game online is also very simple. The game only provides you with numerous English letters without any spaces (cewdvnjsdlgnfnbaoerngasla, for example). Out of these letters, as players you should find an English word and write it on the space provided below. Maximum of ten English words should be written out of the letters provided, so find as many English words you can find!

Family 1, 2, and 3 are actually the only categories provided for this particular English game. Nonetheless, the game is too easy that even English language beginners will perfect the score!

So, are you interested in playing these games? Well, these games may not holistically equip you with the proper English learning that a learner is looking for, but they certainly are great tools that aid learners to make the language learning easier, and less complicated. Besides, there is nothing wrong with playing English words. You and I both know that games like these evaluate a person’s learning progress on English.

If you want to challenge someone’s English skills, take these games instead. It’s worth challenging for.

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