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English Courses for Those Who Want to Study English Abroad

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Young English learners

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Do you know any young learner who might be very interested to study English abroad?

If you know someone—perhaps your younger sister, brother, or neighbors at age between 10 to 15 years old who you think are English enthusiasts, along with parents’ permission and support, you can encourage them to let them learn English to a language school located in London.  Sounds very interesting, isn’t it?

Young learners can choose a course in a 5, 21 or 25-hour in a week, depending on their suitability. Other choices even include summer holiday courses exclusive for young teenagers. These courses, posted have been running since June already. You and the other parents as well will really find these courses suitable for all levels of ability.

“Students can enroll for between two and nine weeks, and will experience trips around London and England, creative arts, and sporting activities, as well as 15 hours a week of core English tuition.” It’s going to be exciting as kids generally enjoy field trips and tours.

Do you know that younger learners as young as five to nine years old can also attend this summer English program to improve their English? Such courses can last to at least two weeks, from Monday to Friday, and runs from June until August. These young kids will surely enjoy learning English because fun activities and disciplines such as art, science, drama, geography and mathematics are all that rotates throughout the learning process. It’s going to be knowledge worth spending for.

And the best part of this language school in London is that, English is not the only language being taught. Children and teens can freely choose to learn German language or even Spanish, French and Italian as well! The school is amazing in terms of versatile courses and creative methods in letting these youngsters learn the language in an easier and child-friendly manner.

We all know how advantageous it is for learners to learn foreign languages in their early stages. The younger they are when they can acquire a new idiom, the easier they can receive it. Science has proven it already. Experiences attest it, and parents from various children across the globe can also verify how their kids become excellent in various aspects.

Aren’t you convinced to let your kids learn foreign languages as well? Don’t hesitate to let them go to a language school and let them learn the language of their choice.

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