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English as a Global Language for Business

By Eslexplorer @eslexplorer

The linguist David Crystal wrote a book in 1997 called English as a Global Language, in which he explained how the history of globalization made English such a widespread language. If that was true sixteen years ago, it is even more so today – the English-speaking countries aren’t the only huge economies in the world, but as other nations – including China, Brazil, India, Korea and many others – continue to grow, the common language they are using to communicate with each other is often English.

This makes learning the language, and learning it well, all the more important for anyone who wants to take advantage of the global economy. ESL Explorer’s Last Minute Deals include a number of business English courses which will help you communicate with clients, suppliers, colleagues and partners all over the world, as well as providing all the usual benefits of learning a new language and experiencing a new culture.

Just as importantly, all of our last minute deals are in three of the most globalized, business-oriented cities on the planet, giving you even more chance to get a taste for how the global economy works. Why not take a stroll through the City of London, with the greatest concentration of financial institutions and banks in the world; or any of Toronto’s main streets, with their collection of entrepreneurs and businesses from across the globe; or investigate Vancouver’s links with the booming Pacific Rim economies.

Learning business English is going to become increasingly important in the coming years as economic globalization and the spread of English as a lingua franca (that is, a common language which can be used to communicate even between two non-native speakers) show no signs of slowing down – by improving your business English through our deals, you’ll be able to write a better CV, give a winning interview, and perform brilliantly in meetings anywhere in the world.

So take a look at our last minute deals today and find the business English course that’s right for you – if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for right now, let us know using the ‘notify me’ button, and we’ll tell you as soon as the right deal comes up.

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