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England: Bath, Bristol & Salisbury

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

What makes South West England tick? Bath, Bristol and Salisbury all have unique qualities that make them stand out for sure! I have visited those three places in England amongst two others that I shall remain in due course, remember patience is a virtue! The Roman Baths, Harbourside cities and Neo-pagan Stones won't be waiting for any of us!  

England: Bath, Bristol & SalisburyRoman Britain can be found in a few select locations across England but after reading a blog about Bath Spa my visit was decided. I wanted to get to know Bath Spa the best for I wanted to capture the opulent settings that the Romans left behind them, creating a lasting impression. I reached Bath Spa in January 2014 via Bristol for it posed to a convenient route for me to take. Bath Spa has a feeling that makes everything else make sense; the stone buildings that line the small winding streets complement each other just right. Captured to the left is the original Roman Spa that was crafted during the Roman reign of Julius Cesar, dating back to 60-70 AD so dating back 300 years or so I would say that Bath Spa's Roman baths have beaten the test that is time? If your visit to England happens to be your first I would stress that a whistle-stop trip to Bath Spa must be on the list of places to visit in England! Looking ahead English Heritage declared the Roman Baths as a Grade 1 listed building, so the future has been secured!

Moving away from the Baths I would have to say that Bath possesses a grand Royal Crescent that was constructed from 1767 to 1774 as a Georgian housing complex. Comprised of thirty regal houses that definitely have their own grand personality with each front window has a room with an exceptional view of Bath's city-scape for the Royal Crescent shares its foundations with the Royal Victoria Park, a hot property then and now for sure! Now that's how the other half live! I visited Bath when I was still a student in Birmingham but Bath had a very different feel. It's no secret that Bath has a regal past but the here and now looks just as good for the original features around The Circus still had a distinguished environment, I really need to change my address. Places of worship appeal to me whilst I'm exploring somewhere new, Bath's Abbey ticked that box of curiosity its first foundations of the Abbey were laid during the 7th Century. Bath Spa reflects the legacy that was left behind by the Roman occupation, invasions can be beautiful! 

England: Bath, Bristol & SalisburyStarting over again, Bristol was the second place to visit during my south west England trip. I reveled in the hidden charm of that southern city. Following my trip to Bath I justified a day spent in Bristol before returning to the Midlands. I had been to Bristol before but its was for a shameless party so seeing such a cultural and intriguing city I loved Queen Square. Bringing back Victorian realness I strolled through Queen Square to be acquainted with a calm and orderly part of Bristol's city center. Tell me all of the things that you want to do?! Getting to Bristol doesn't take too long from the Midlands so I took the Megabus for £5.00, without any hitches Bristol was in my sights the previous day. From the quiet alcove in Queen Square the Central Promenade joins Bristol's Floating Harbour and city center together with a care in the world. Bristol's got a quality that reminded me of Baltimore, USA for its Feeder Canal had a spark of urban realness. Just choose Bristol already! I should stuck around after that party!

Opened in 1809, Bristol's Floating Harbour paved the way for Bristol to become a serious contender to bring trade from the growing points of the British Empire to our shores. Opening markets in India and China this Bristolian city sailed its way to bring precious goods and a healthy economical gain for the city. I took my time to get to know Bristol's waterfront, I really didn't know it existed but I love a good surprise! Just look at Liverpool, they also steamed ahead as a industrial port of commerce I saw that Bristol served that as well! It's not all work for the Floating Harbour because the surrounding docks harbor trendy bars and restaurants that are housed in the original warehouses, just look for the Central Promenade and Pero's Bridge. Mentioning 'Pero' flashes back to the days of the slave trade, grim as those days were it did happened but time has moved onwards and we can keep our lives. Bristol fooled me first time but I'll sing your praises Bristol, they're safe in my pocket! Bristol I bet you think that you're winner?! Get turned up B!

England: Bath, Bristol & SalisburyStonehenge must be one of those places people put on their bucket list? It was easier said than done but I planned my day down to see those pre-historic rocks in Salisbury for myself. I don't want the best but I want a good life to have the opportunity to see things, making the most of my final student loan I returned to the south west of England to Salisbury. Travelling via Bristol I firstly saw Stonehenge on the bus tour, not being able to drive left me with no other option to just go with it. Dating back to anywhere in-between 3000 BC to 2000 BC the now designated stones looked amazing, its one of those sights I just wanted to see before I jet back off again to somewhere new! Moving through the ultimate English Heritage trip I chose to see Old Sarum, the first settlement of Salisbury that stood on top form looking over the fields with modern Salisbury in the distance. From a Neo-pagan sites of worship to a Norman settlement, I stood at a height with the air cold. Gurl? It was a 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' moment! Yes!

The Magna Carta was on my radar! Completing the fast-paced Stonehenge bus tour I returned to the heart of Salisbury's city center to seek the 799 year old decree of law. Respecting the no-photography rule I tried to read the Latin parchment of law, sitting within a secure room within Salisbury's Cathedral this trick called the shots. I was tired of waiting so I believe that taking the trip down to Salisbury worked well, don't ever let me walk away from something I want to see. You can chill out in the yard of the Magna Carta for the Cathedral has some lovely grounds, let's just say that the henge can be quite manic with the barrage of tourists snapping away. Salisbury owned itself, a historic city that showed me a brief history lesson in one day! So the Magna Carta isn't just a Jay-Z album, no those laws existed 799 years before his beats! From the Roman Baths that were crafted by Britain's Roman invasion to the city streets of Bristol I rate the south west, well from what I saw England's south west best has only begun! Yes, I plan to return!

Love England's South-west!

Joseph Harrison

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