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By Wifessionals @wifessionals
A little while ago I asked my readers if they had any advice for Stan and I as we began the journey into our exciting engagement and we prepare for our soon-to-be marriage! I got some wonderful responses! Here's some great advice from four beautiful ladies inside and out. I also added in some of my own advice as Stan and I are now 10 months away from getting married! Seems like a long time but it's crazy that we're THAT close to getting married!
Mikaela and Stan's AdviceSo far our engagement has been complete bliss. We have such wonderful people supporting us and helping me actually produce all the things that are in my mind (which is a lot!!) Stan and I are very easy going so our wedding is definitely a reflection of our personalities. We've had so much fun brainstorming, and coming up with neat ideas that just scream Stan and Mikaela. It's been so fun!The one thing I've learned so far is to focus on your own happiness in this time of your life. Don't let other people's opinions, or seeming lack of enthusiasm get you down and distract you from enjoying such a happy thing. Your upcoming marriage and wedding celebration are about the two of you - so be happy you're together and don't worry at all. All that matters is that you're together :)
Kayla from Keeping Up With KaylaEngagement Advice
STORYWe got engaged on our 5th dating anniversary. It was a Saturday, so we had the whole day to spend together. We had gone to lunch, saw a movie, wandered through the mall, had dinner and went ice skating. When we were done with that, we went back to his parent's house to get our dog to go for a walk (it's a little cold when you go for a walk on Valentine's Day!). We walked around town and got to the gazebo in town. We danced a little bit, then he asked me to marry him. I said yes (he dropped the ring), he put the ring on, and then we went back to his house to tell his mom, then to my house where my parents were waiting (they knew he was going to propose).
A more detailed story is featured here.
ADVICEPray for your soon-to-be husband. This is something that I didn't do until well into marriage, but it helps both of you!
If your church offers a pre-marriage counseling (either as an option or requirement), go to it and be excited about it! You'll learn things about your future spouse, and how you can work together to solve issues.
For the engagement: Remember that you're planning one day. Don't forget to plan for your marriage. Don't get too caught up in planning stressors that it affects your relationship. Find a way to glorify God!
For the marriage: You are working together in this. Talk about everything and work together to fix issues. Lean on God to help support you in the tough times. It's not always going to be easy (especially in the beginning when you're "getting to know" each other in your new roles and living situation).
FAVORITE PART OF BEING ENGAGEDI did really love planning a wedding. It's every girl's dream to plan their perfect wedding, and I think that I did a great job to represent both of us as well as glorify God in the process.
My favorite, favorite thing was preparing to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Luckily, now there are sites like Pinterest that have links to ways to pray for your spouse and focus on each other ( I loved the idea that I was starting a new adventure with my best friend!
ANY SURPRISES ALONG THE WAY? During the engagement: I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 months before the wedding day, and had to have surgery and treatment within that time due to losing health insurance after getting married. It taught us a lot about ourselves and it really brought us closer to teach us how to support and nurse each other.
In the marriage: It is an adjustment when you live together for the first time. You're learning to live with a new person and there can be a lot of arguments if you do not talk and just expect each other to read your mind.

Veronica from Passion, Pink & Pearls
Engagement Advice
STORY Check out Veronica's full engagement story here! Part OnePart TwoPart Three ADVICE We worked through a couples devotional Bible, and we did pre-marital counseling.

Read more here

Here's the book/bible we read

FAVORITE PART OF BEING ENGAGEDWe loved getting to call each other fiance!! It was so exciting to get to place where we were absolutely sure where our future was leading, to each other forever and always. We liked talking wedding plans, we did it all together and almost all on our own (since family was far). It was a great time but oh marriage is so much better!! I don't miss it, haha. :)ANY SURPRISES ALONG THE WAY?None! We dated two and half years by the time our wedding day came around, we'd been best friends a year before we dated and we were always open and honest with each other. The transition into marriage was incredibly easy and we're almost to one year and still haven't felt marriage is "hard."

Kindra from Trying to Be Who I AmEngagement Advice

A little background real quick. I didn't want to be proposed to in front of people.

I wanted it private. He could have a photographer hiding somewhere but that was it....
And now let's go back in time to Sunday, December 23, 2012.
The day started out as any ordinary Sunday would.
I woke up, got ready for church and went to church, afterwards going to my grandparents, like always, for lunch.
Sitting around the lunch table my cousin started asking questions like "When is this guy going to propose?" (she had no clue) and I would answer that I didn't know. 

The day progressed and eventually my family and I went back to our own home and then went to church for the evening service. I had talked to MK that day (I didn't see him until that night at church) but didn't have a clue that anything was up.
The church service went like a normal Sunday night communion service would go and at the end the pastor asked if any one had anything they'd like to say. A few people said some things and then MK said that he had something to say. He went up to the stage and asked that everyone would be seated. I still really didn't have a clue.
He grabbed a microphone that was already ready to go. At about that point I was wondering what he was doing.... There's NEVER a microphone left on and especially not where that one was laying.
He started talking and about the second or third sentence I knew what was happening .
He kind of told our story and then asked me to come up on stage with him. He said some things that I wouldn't remember if there hadn't been a video made. haha Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said YES!

Compromise. Figure out the things that are really important to each of you concerning the wedding and then let the other things go.
Make sure you have dates or even just days texting back and forth and don't say a word about the wedding.
Enjoy it. Just remember that in the end you'll be married to the man of your dreams. Nothing else really matters.
Knowing that I had found the one God had made for me. It's a surreal thing...the aw of it still hasn't gone away and I've been engaged 4 months... :)
Engagement Advice
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