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Ending BSL 4 Lennox

By Ciciwriter @suemagic

Last week, I had an idea to create a replica stuffed animal dog that looked like Lennox  for Brooke after receiving a press release about a contest from a stuffed toy company who are having a contest. After dealing with their inept PR / Marketing firm who did not understand what I was asking, I officially gave up on them and looked around for another company.

I found one and I also found the Ride for Lennox below. It would be great to also do a ride or event on the west coast, what do you think ???  The cost of creating a replica stuffed dog to send to Brooke is approximately $850 for the cost and shipping. Let me know if you would be interested in participating in creating an event on the west coast similar to the drive on the east coast.

The replica of Lennox would be sent to Brooke as a keepsake along with other mementoes, letters and cards. And the ride would do fundraising for several pit bull rescues (perhaps Bad Rap, Our Pack, and Villalobos or smaller ones?) and raise awareness about BSL. Thanks for your input.


So many unanswered questions (bring tissues, made me cry again)

Victoria Stilwell assessment of Lennox court case…the judge had a choice, how the legal system failed Lennox

her Op-Ed piece in the Belfast Telegraph, the morning of Lennox untimely demise

Ending BSL 4 Lennox

Her Update on Lennox:  The family have told me that Belfast City Council will still not answer the family’s calls and have consistently ignored their request to have Lennox’s collar returned to them, nor have they returned ‘Lennox’s ashes.’ There are many rumors circulating that Lennox died in a certain kennel location months before the BCC announced that he was euthanised and that the kennel panicked and were told by the BCC to get rid of everything Lennox related. These are still just rumors and should not be taken for hard fact until the truth is revealed. The family are ‘heartbroken’. The media hype around this case might have died down but I can assure you everything will be done to ensure that one day the truth is known. Please share this with everyone you know to keep Lennox’s name alive and to ensure that future dogs and their people do not have to suffer because of ignorance.

Jim Crosby interview re: Ending BSL and Lennox

Email [email protected] …he’s a journalist who works to uncover corruption and who encourages whistleblowers to come forward and will work, discreetly, on information they give him


“As is always the case with a huge news story, people from around the globe seeking to cash in on the media frenzy about Lennox have come out of the woodwork. Individuals seeking their “15 minutes of fame” are constantly coming forward, claiming to have “inside information”, or just wanting to associate their own name with Lennox, in order to gain more celebrity status for themselves. It is a heartbreaking fact that major media outlets waited until the 11th hour before finally deciding to cover Lennox’s story. Where were they over the past 26 months, when they truly could have made a difference?

“Rumors are running rampant throughout social media about Lennox. There are claims from alleged kennel workers who have reported that Lennox had suffered a broken leg, broken teeth, was sick and malnourished. Pictures had already surfaced of him with massive hair loss, which could have been caused by the stress of being torn from the only home he had ever known, and forced to live in isolation and away from his family. Another report came out that Lennox had been found dead in his kennel months ago, and a coverup took place by the BCC, since they did not want to admit their neglect had led to his death. Three separate kennels have been named as being the “secret kennels” where Lennox had been housed, and they have claimed to have received alleged threats of violence because of it.

“None of these allegations about Lennox’s condition on the day he was murdered or the about his death months ago have been confirmed or substantiated. No actual verifiable kennel worker has had the courage to come forward, say who they are and what connection they had with Lennox, and given provable testimony about what happened to him or when/how he actually died. Until someone finally does that, the truth about the last days of Lennox’s life may never be known.

“It has been reported that information has been requested under the United Kingdom’s Freedom of Information Act, seeking to get to the real truth about this entire nightmare.”


Lame reply to one of many emails I sent

Thank you for your recent email regarding Lennox.  I appreciate your sense of loss and understand your desire to contact us and a range of other agencies here in Northern Ireland to reverse the decision to destroy Lennox.

However, the NI Courts and Tribunals Service had no role in the decision and has no authority to intervene in such cases.

The NI Courts and Tribunals Service, as a Government department, is only responsible for providing administrative support to the courts in Northern Ireland.  The judiciary and the prosecuting authorities operate entirely independently from all Government departments and as a consequence we cannot consider complaints in respect of judicial decisions or the reasons underpinning them.   Similarly we have no authority to investigate complaints regarding prosecutorial decisions or evidence, including allegations such as perjury.

I am sorry that I am unable to personally address your correspondence but I am sure you will appreciate that we have been inundated with queries and emails regarding this case. I hope that this response helps to clarify the status of the Northern Ireland Courts & Tribunals Service in relation to this case.

Eddie Finn

Customer Services Team

Northern Ireland Courts & Tribunals Service


What do you think?


The ride is being dedicated to Lennox and the Barnes family, the people who loved and fought to save his life. After a two year battle, Lennox was killed last week by the Belfast, Ireland council simply because he looked like a “pit bull.” We are having a stuffed Lennox made, and along each stop on the route, he will be handed off to the next group of riders, along with any notes of condolence and support to the Barnes family. After the ride, both the stuffed Lennox and all the cards and letters will be sent to the Barnes family to show that although we are separated by thousands of miles, we stand united with them in their fight, and we all mourn.

Ending BSL 4 Lennox

You don’t need to be part of an animal welfare organization to take part in the ride…you only need to have a desire to see BSL come to an end so that no dog and no family ever face the heartbreak and anguish of breed specific legislation again.
SOAR is organizing the troops for a vote on the Ontario pit bull ban in September, and using the bike rally as a fundraiser for their efforts to end BSL there. However, those taking parts in the states can simply use the ride to bring awareness to the fight against BSL, and to promote rescue and responsible dog ownership.

The ride is taking place from August 29 to September 2, 2012. It starts in Miami, FL and goes up the east coast finishing in Toronto, Canada.

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