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End of Year Geordie Poem. An Epic

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I posted this a few years ago in an effort to attempt to teach Potty Mummy how to do the Geordie accent. I actually wrote it back in the 80's while working (or not, obviously) in London. My late friend and fab blogger Lakeland Jo, with whom I worked, kept it for a few decades, (as one does with a work of pure genius) and here it is in the original format.
It's me ageeyan hinnies, A bet yiz forgot
It's Buggerallmoney - d'yiz care or wot?
Av had a bad year - yiz wouldn't believe
A just hoowop next year's got nowt worse up its sleeve
Forst there woz wor lass; she chucked iz in June
Am alreet noo, but a woz a bit doon
Iz everyone sez, there's more fish in the sea
But somehoo neebody fancies me
Then, a gorra black eye in a fight
A smacked someone's gob, hell's bells worra sight
A didn't desorve to be hoyed in the cells
Ind me mam fund oot - someone alwiz tells
Me mam hoyed iz oot so A kipped at me meeyat's
He was deed good ind helped iz get streeyat
Noo Av gorra flat of me oowan
Am alreet for spon; Av peeyad off me loowan
Am chuffed last years' ower A woz gettin a bit sick
it's teken it oot iv iz, even tho' Am thick
Al hev a gud Christmas ind treat mesell well
A suggest yiz al dee the seeyam iz well.
Mind how yiz gan noo.

A translation to come in a few days. 

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