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End Back Pain with BackJoy Posture+

By Glasgow Skinner/ My Life On And Off The Guest List @guestlistblog
As a blogger, most of my time (when not attending events) is sitting down to write; that means I'm normally hunkered down over my netbook or desktop computer updating my blog. In other words, I'm in one position for hours - and when you're in one position for long periods of time (especially when it involves your back), the result is back pain and poor posture. In comes Backjoy Posture+, a preventative everyday seat enhancement, made with Crocs technology, that helps you sit more comfortably and correctly, improving posture, strengthening core muscles and avoiding life-limiting back problems.
End Back Pain with BackJoy Posture+
It's creation came as a result of Preston Willingham’s passion to ease his father’s back pain and help him get back to fully enjoying life. It can be used on any surface - hard or soft. When I update my blog, I tend to do it while sitting on my bed to be more comfortable and I find that I tend to lean forward which doesn't help my back. The Backjoy Posture+ has helped A LOT!! I started using it the very same night I got one to test out at an Editor's Showcase and it literally makes you sit in the correct and proper position.
End Back Pain with BackJoy Posture+
Since using it, I find that though I am still sitting in the same position for hours on end, my lower back doesn't hurt like it usually does and I have eliminated the need for my back massager and almost daily dose of Excedrin. In a nut shell, Backjoy Posture+ does for your back what Crocs does for your feet (though I admit, the Backjoy Posture+ is much cuter). The BackJoy Posture+ is designed using the brand’s patented Applied Postural Science (APS™) Technology that automatically tilts, cups and floats the pelvis upright so you can find your most balanced and comfortable posture. The product facilitates Dynamic Sitting™, automatically adapting to movements, to provide constant strain-free comfort and optimal posture. BackJoy Posture+ is constructed with Advanced Core Material™. 
The BackJoy Posture+ retails for $39.99 and can be purchased online at or at select retailers, including 200 Duane Reade stores in New York. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors, including  red, blue, yellow, fuchsia, orange and black.

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By Maryjane Kordahi
posted on 10 November at 01:33

I work from home at a desk job and spend hours upon hours sitting in front of my computer. I purchased this Backjoy Posture+ seat with high hopes that it would help relieve the strain that all the sitting was putting on my back. I was very disappointed that the seat was uncomfortable to sit on and did nothing to help my back pain. I would not recommend it...