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Employees Fail to Develop Enthusiasm in Online Learning

Posted on the 03 November 2011 by Combi31 @combi31

As the internet has become widely available, people have started achieving their goals from it. Technological advances made the internet easily accessible from a variety of locations and thus many people started learning online. Online learning with its advantages has also been a great reason of passive and slow learning.A survey conducted in Australia showed that there many companies that are providing their staff with online learning. And this number is increasing day after day. Today, more than 80 percent of the country companies agree that online learning is not an efficient and effective approach to training staff.One of the reasons was that most of the staffs fail to participate in online trainings, which results in lack of enthusiasm and their lively interest. The survey highlighted that around 44 percent of people are completely unsuccessful in developing participation and enthusiasm in online training programs.This was an online survey and involved several training managers and a huge number of employees. It was shown that merely about 60 percent of respondents used some type of online learning process to attend the program.The survey showed that around 50 percent of candidates found the convenience of online learning either extremely or very successful, and more or less 66 percent rated it helpful in reducing cost an considered it and up gradation in IT training process. But the overall effectiveness of online learning was only 29 percent. A very rigid figure of about 4 percent acknowledged that it was unproductive by any means.The survey was conducted by one of the country’s largest and top most renowned body (Com Tech Education) which stands ahead in offering technical training. Com Tech Education offers mostly classroom-based training, with some online learning.We find many such organizations that offer online learning and training programs today. The research showed the fact is not obscure that entities that offer online-classes are missing the real theme they pursue. There tends much of the emphasis and hype on the term ONLINE rather than EDUCATION and that for sure has eliminated the actual essence of online education.It is quite staggering to discover that only 3 percent of the respondents found it was extremely successful for improving skills whereas about 30 percent marked it as not very successful. Yes, one would agree to the fact that it is helpful to do away with cost and expense that is incurred through a method of traditional training, but few questions rise here may be are: is online learning process benefiting employees in gaining them any skills? And are they enthusiastic about it? The answer would be “No” for many of them.One of the reasons most employees lack enthusiasm is because online learning programs are generally “mass personalized” and broadcasted to everyone in the similar manner irrespective of his/her capabilities, if these programs are offered in harmony with the need of each employee individually, the outcome would have been effective.Author: Ismail Ahmed AlhashmiArticle Source: EzineArticles.comProvided by: Electrical Pressure Cooker Online

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