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Emotional Go-kart On-board (EGO)

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

egoEgo = Self Image

The most powerful journey one can take is to separate itself from ego.  The ego is the emotional responses to all things outside yourself. It has no true power other than to tell the mind and you that you are content related to the past, you are an owner of a house, a car, a career, a mate!

Some ego’s even spend time in education accumulating knowledge to later use to add a piece of paper to their identity that signifies that they know more and can now have permission to do such things as study, dissect, operate etc.. to the human body.  They even get to add an abbreviated form to their name.  Dr.

Ok, those last comments there came from ego!  Do you understand? This is not a form of identity that anyone at this place in time should utilize, this must be removed!  For ego has caused the majority of the planet to continue unconscious acts of violence, war, abuse, greed, the list of negatives far outweighs any positives to the Ego!

To see the ego in action you don’t have to look far, It is the disease that continues in our presence in all forms. It creates moments of pain and finds an identity to seek within it.

The ego is birthed into existence as you don’t let go of the past and remove it’s content. The ego is the embracing of fear as to not have an ego would seem pointless yet would be freeing to anyone who makes this choice.

The ego has even done the unimaginable to the family connection.  Families are placed through challenges, that cause the ego to take full effect and make them go against each other at every life situation in place.

Witnessing this can be seen in any child. A child that doesn’t even have the ego in full effect will show you ego in the toys the child associate with as theirs. They own them! They are upset when these toys are taken away, and from there this challenge of the ego becomes greater!  A child will get older and will embrace this particular understanding of what it means to think things outside of themselves are owned by them and are a part of them.  Any time that these things are taken from them something in them feels a sense of being threatened with annihilation.

So how do we end this particular cycle or the destruction of the ego. We make a conscious choice to embrace a child to know their being is their’s!  Anything outside of them is not.  This will not just be the end of the ego this will be the final birthing of the consciousness of the human existence in form of love.

The ego can’t love!  It doesn’t know love as love is inside of you!  Now you might be wondering what that means exactly!  Well the ego has the ability to do as stated with a child with a toy.  As you get older from that child what you don’t embrace in you inside of love will somehow be a quest to find something outside yourself that is love.  The ego wants to possess this. It wants to search for something outside of you to find happiness, connection, and anything else that will give us complete days and nights of not being alone.  Well you see the ego can only be alone, it is created from a set of past memories. These memories are in your content places inside the mind. Now you will be able to tell others of these things about you to allow them to label these contents for you or you will enable them to enable you to grow the ego to it’s form in presence of them.  Not at any point can you eliminate the removal of the ego, for once it’s in place in the mind it will keep itself alive in many ways.

Now what I haven’t told you is that you can do something about it!

You embrace the place I spoke of before, you embrace the love inside of you. You can always find out if you have done this or not done this. When you are asked what is love to you?  You will pause and then state words of it’s giving or it is happiness that I can give to another.  These maybe glimpses but until you make it something you decide on your own to go inside to find out you will struggle with the words that are love. The energy you give in love is not the same either.  What you will design in love from this will embark a quest to find another who will understand what kind of love you give and if it is even love to them.  Males struggle with this more then female, yet to connect to each other is always going to be a challenge cause it is always introduced as ego to ego. Never to love to love!

You either can see the depth to which I point! Or you will re read this again and again as something inside you is stating the words!  YES I KNOW the truth to which this points!   Even what I am pointing to has a deeper vast place within it that requires you to either journey within or stay without.

The ego doesn’t want you to do this. For it says that it is all the love you will ever need.  Now at the same time it says that, it will also say why did he just say that to me?  How come every time I speak to my mom she says something that I no longer wish to hear? Do you get it?

This can be on and on the Ego will keep you hostage from your love and the love you will be able to connect to all things at all levels.

Another identity the ego will ensue is the judge of what you will do in almost any situation! The ego claims to hold you hostage in your life situations.  The truth is it does!  Let’s say you are in a dead end job or you are in a loveless marriage.  The ego is not only in charge, it is telling you all the reasons to stay miserable for the good of it.  Remember it was the ego that told you to hold onto that doll it is yours you own it.  When it was taken away so was a part of your identity that you derive as a sense of self!

Every tragedy you will experience is food for the ego! It will continue this until you allow the journey inside yourself to begin!

If you were to write a paragraph of the last weeks events what would it say? Do so then read it to yourself and realize where the ego is hiding. If you don’t know! Write it below I will help you to see it for what it is!

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