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Emma by Jane Austen Read-along: Volume 2

By Bellezza @bellezzamjs
Emma by Jane Austen Read-along: Volume 2

Tom pointed out earlier this week that Emma could be considered a mystery; it is in fact, termed as such by people who ought to know.

Indeed there are mysteries in Volume 2, such as who gave Jane Fairfax the piano-forte? Will Emma ever tire of trying to form romantic matches? Is Frank Churchill as wonderful as everyone seems to think he is, and even more, does Emma love him?

This hilarious passage made me smile:

This sensation of listlessness, weariness, stupidity, this disinclination to sit down and enjoy myself, this feeling of every thing being dull and insipid about the house! - I must be in love; I should be the oddest creature in the world if I were not - for a few weeks at least.

But, here's another question: aren't these just the mark of a good writer, posing doubts and curiosities about her characters that we're dying to solve as we read on?

I am only just finished with Volume 2, and that for the first time. I am no expert in Jane Austen by any stretch of the imagination. But, I do read on wondering as to the mystery that is contained within Emma. As yet, it doesn't seem very profound.

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