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Emily the Criminal (2022) Review

Posted on the 20 May 2024 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Emily has been truly down on her luck with so much debt, this leads her to being involved in a credit card scam which will pull her into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles.


We see Emily really struggling with her life and debt, a minor criminal record is preventing her from being able to get a decent job to be able to get it all under control. While working for a delivery company she is given the contact details for a “job” but on arrival she is not sure exactly what it entails but will give her a lot of money.

That job didn’t really seem too complicated did it, buying electronics on stolen credit card information to then be able to sell on. With the people’s who credit cards they are getting the money back? So the banks losing out? Well, obviously very illegal. Emily was desperate as were the other people who were doing the crimes. It wasn’t long though until she was in very deep and even getting on rather well with Youcef.

I think the relatable parts of the film are that so many people have and are struggling with being able to afford to live and getting then sucked into crime in what felt like a very minor way to begin with is something that we could envison happening to more and more people.

Aubrey Plaza is very impressive in the leading role and I think she probably deserves more credit than I’ve seen around this film, as it seems to have gone pretty unnoticed. Theo Rossi also works well alongside Plaza.

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