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Emerson's Birthday

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen
Sunday Emerson turned three, and we had a party for her. We invited family, like-family, and then because it is her third birthday we had three of her closest friends also attend. She's at an age where she has favorite friends, and even a best friend so she was excited to have them come play at her house.
Emerson's BirthdayEmerson's BirthdayMy sister always makes Emerson's birthday cake but this year she was getting over the same cold my household (and my mom) have dealt with this holiday, so she bought Emerson a Cinderella cake. I don't know where she got it, but Emerson is on a huge princess and fairy kick right now and LOVED the cake!
Emerson's BirthdayEmerson's BirthdayThere were 10 kids there under the age of 6, so the energy level (and audio) was quite high. When Emerson opened her presents, I sat on the floor with her and the kids all circled around me so close I felt as though I was being taken over. Don't get between a bunch of toddlers and a Dora talking backpack!
Emerson's BirthdayEmerson wore a printed ponte dress from Gap (she has the raincoat in the same print), another present from her Aunt Debbie.  I knew I would be on the floor with kids, so I decided to wear my long Hawaiian muumuu with my turquoise beaded J. Crew necklace.   The day was relatively warm, warm enough that the kids spent a lot of time in their coats running around like crazy in the back yard.  It was a fun time, and always wonderful to be able to celebrate my favorite little person with the people we love so much!
Not party related, but check this out to see how much a year (or two!) can make with Weight Watchers.  That's me for her second and first birthdays.  Wow!
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