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Emerging Trends That Have Sparked Cultural Shifts

Posted on the 28 November 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains


David Cohen wrote an interesting piece on AdWeek about data/trends related to Twitter.

Twitter Reveals 18 Emerging Trends That Marked U.S. Cultural Shifts Since 2016

Cohen breaks down the billions of tweet data that Twitter unveiled.

Why I think this can be useful for a domainer is it might help to show you where some naming themes you have been interested in, might be falling out of favor or face a push back from a potential buyer. In other cases you may have some names in emerging trends where you will want to hold names longer in, possibly increase pricing.

For example the first theme Cohen mentions is well being:

Well-being: Twitter said that while discussion used to be dominated by body image, diet and physical appearance, healthy mind and whole-body wellness have emerged. Trends in this theme are data-driven bodies, holistic health and being well together.

Names related to holistic health and healthy minds I see as increasing in value, where names that focus more on just a superficial layer could find less interest.

They might still be interesting to the public but a company might not want to spend premium money on a name they are worried the culture looks at as unappealing, shallow or offensive.

Read the whole article on AdWeek.

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