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Embracing Life's Surprises with Bona Quick-Clean Solution

By Cait @caitscozycorner
This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
Embracing Life's Surprises with Bona Quick-Clean Solution
With the excitement of moving into our new home in a few weeks, there's pretty much an unspoken rule that any point in time, someone will be coming over! Luckily, I have two little toddlers who sure make a lot of noise when someone comes in the driveway which can give me about a minute or two to put a few things away, toss dirty dishes into the dishwasher and go great them at the front door.
Embracing Life's Surprises with Bona Quick-Clean SolutionHaving a visitor can be a welcoming time to catch up and visit ( especially with the excitement of our brand new home and wanting to share all the work we've put into it ) but chances are, if someone is wanting to stop by for  a few glasses of wine I'll need a few minutes to get ready. Here is my routine for putting our house together under short notice as well as a few tips for welcoming your guests with your best Martha Stewart game face!
1. Stock Up On Snacks - To ensure you have a few things to serve your guests, keep a stash of nonperishable snacks that require little to no prep. Chips and crackers, canned salsa and dried meats are always a great idea to put a simple meat and cheese board together. For a fun touch, I love having slice-and-bake chocolate chip cookies that are easy to cut and throw in the oven! I also have seasonal coffee creamer to make those that are coming out of town or needing some long over do girl time feel welcome.
2. Pick Up Clutter - Having a plan to organize clutter can really help you save time when visitors decide to show up in a few minutes time. I'll have a few storage bins on hand to throw everything from old magazines to toys that are taking over my living room. These things are easy to just throw under the bed and take out again after guests have finished.
Embracing Life's Surprises with Bona Quick-Clean Solution3. Dust Counters and Floors- I'll be honest and say that I never think about dusting but it's always needed after I take my finger and trail it down a dusty table or even the floors! I take a dust rag and dust down the counter tops. TheBona® Disposable Dusting Cloths make the floors extremely easy for me too! It has a 3D design that utilizes thousands of it's fluffy fibers to effectively lock away dust, dirt and even pet hair! In fact, it actually cleans 1.8X faster than the leading sweeping cloths surfaces!
Embracing Life's Surprises with Bona Quick-Clean Solution
Embracing Life's Surprises with Bona Quick-Clean Solution4. Mop Floors - As a Mom I realize my floors aren't going to be sparkling but I want them at least to be as clean as they can! There many products I've used in the past but I noticed a difference when I used my Bona® Premium Microfiber Mop! It has thick pads that are infused with Bona proprietary cleaning solutions which is designed for hardwood floor care! My favorite thing is that it truly cleans 40% faster due to the extra-large mop design so I don't have to spend hours cleaning my floors when my guests are about to arrive. 
Don’t forget, if you tell me your favorite quick cleaning tip, you’ll be entered to win the Bona® Quick Clean system. The winner will be chosen at random between comments here, as well as on Instagram. Good luck! Don’t forget to sign up for the Bona newsletter on the BonaFide Fanatics fan page as well, or click here to learn more.

How do you keep your house looking it's best when under pressure? Any fun tips or tricks that you have? 
Embracing Life's Surprises with Bona Quick-Clean Solution
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