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Embracing Experiences, and Rambling On

By Kathleen O'Malley @frugalportland

This week, I hung out with a subset of a group of local bloggers that I really have enjoyed getting to know over the past couple years. Some are newer to blogging, like Melanie, and some are old salts, like Joe. But it’s funny. Without this blog, I wouldn’t have those friends.

I love the online world. I love connecting with people, I love sharing tips on how to live a more fulfilling, simple, frugal life. I love taking the online friendships offline.

In fact, starting a personal finance blog was the single best hobby I ever picked up. Now I know all kinds of things about blogging, and I put them to practice every day (just not here, clearly).

If you’re reading this, and you’re struggling through something, stop what you’re doing and buy a domain name. Then add WordPress to it. Then tell your story.

You’ll never know what could come from it, until you try.

And, contrary to what they try to tell you, blogging just isn’t that hard.

This weekend, I’m taking a page out of every personal finance handbook and embracing experiences, not things. My very first friend in the whole world moved to Austin a few years ago (after an amazing SxSW experience) and Brent and I are taking our Southwest companion fares and visiting for the long weekend.

Everybody barbecues on Memorial Day weekend, but not everybody goes to the land of barbecue. We’re stepping it up!

It’s a frugal trip, because of those companion passes. And we get to stay with friends (who have a brand new baby! and a toddler!). We get to really experience the city.

Will we want to move there? It’s cheaper than Portland, and they have a “keep it weird” vibe. My friends moved from the Pacific Northwest.

Mostly, though, I’m excited to get out of town.

Relax. Recharge. Eat all the barbecue. Sit in the sunshine. Hopefully have at least one drink out of a mason jar. I do this at home but somehow it’s sweeter on a front porch than inside a condo. I’ll have to remember to ask for my tea unsweetened, I bet.

Happy three-day weekend, friends. Don’t forget to thank a soldier this weekend, or sit quietly and think about all of the soldiers we’ve had in our lives.


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