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Emailing Thy Heart

By Kaythie @kathgail

The toughest challenge in my relationship today is communication. I don’t share the same time zone with him and it’s like one hell of a crap! But no matter how hard to make the adjustment and accept the fact that we don’t share the same free time, we still managed to communicate offline. ~wink

Learning all the means to communicate is vital to express our needs, feelings and desires brightly. It may not have all the emotion you wanted to express but it still pays the effort. You can just simply add some smileys and all. Like this one =D

What we really want in every conversation is the quality of it. To stay longer in a relationship, we must know how to give support, praises and continuous encouragement to our partner and vice versa. Me and my partner also make it a daily habit of saying “I love you” in so many means. You should never hesitate to show and express your love coz the more you tell it to the world, the more it will come back to you. Even if how simple your ways are, it would surely make a big difference in your relationship. I have my simple ways in showing how I love him like giving him a touch of massage, a rub on his back-which he really loves, trimming his nails, cleaning his ears etc. And in return, he loves holding my hand. I can attest to that, really. Even if it is hard for us to hold hands, he doesn’t care. As long as he can grab mine by all means. I think that’s part of his reflex already, the moment he sees me he will automatically grab my hand. hahaha

No matter what you and your partner do, as long you two tell how much you care for each other then that’s the only thing matters.

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