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Email Writing Tips: How to Make More Sales Immediately!

Posted on the 29 August 2012 by Jarvisedwards @jarvis_edwards

email writing tips-how to make more moneyAre you taking advantage of email marketing to make more sales?

If you aren’t utilizing the power of this simple digital communication tool, chances are you’re missing out on reaching 50% more customers than you currently have. More than likely, your opportunity loss is even higher than 50%. More dollars down the drain.

 Here are some stats from several authoritative companies, to soak up before we continue:

  • According to Merkle, 74% of all Internet using adults prefer email as their method of communicating with companies (2011—View From the Digital Inbox).
  •  A report initiated by e-Dialog in 2011 revealed that 36% of consumers found the relevance of email marketing has increased within the past year.
  • Targeted email marketing provider ExactTarget, found a staggering 94% of email users actually subscribe to the marketing messages they receive.

As you can see from the statistics shown above, email is not only the smart choice to use for communicating with current and prospective clients; digital mail will only become more effective in reaching the masses as time goes on.

Unfortunately, many marketing departments scratch their heads wondering how to make get more customers in the current economy. Learn exactly how to make more sales with the following email writing tips.


I.) Have a Catchy Subject Line

Having an email subject line (or headline) that doesn’t “scream” why your wares must be purchased immediately is a waste of digital space and time. “Product recommended by Mary…” is a very poor and often abused subject line that does very little to make sales, and actually irritates most people receiving such emails!

Identify the crucial selling points of your product/service and then identify what emotion is felt at the time most customers purchase this product.

Email Writing Tips: How to Make More Sales Immediately!
Do they purchase it due to fear; greed; lust; love; revenge; bragging rights? The subject line should be molded using these factors. So instead of “product recommended by Mary,” try: “50% of people without this product will die early,” for example.

That line may seem a little corny, but it’s to the point, short enough to be seen in its entirety and indirectly lists a benefit that most people are aiming to get—longer life! In addition, it will at LEAST invoke a reaction as they click to investigate the email further— if nothing else.


II.) Do NOT Send HTML Emails to Prospects

Learning how to make more sales is not only an art, it’s often an exact science. Science analyzes results to find facts and truths. It’s a common fact that sending HTML emails to non-clients is the kiss of death to your might email campaign. Why should you not send HTML emails to prospects and even some clients?

  • To prevent viruses, spyware, malware and other headaches, most people do not enable HTML in their email application settings.
    Email Writing Tips: How to Make More Sales Immediately!
  • HTML email has a higher change of triggering a spam filter and sending your email(s) to the fiery depths of the recycle bin—without even one human ever reading it.
  • Many companies and homes have either low available bandwidth or very slow Internet connections. That beautiful, colorful email may take too long to load, and the relentless “X” button will be clicked—without your email being read.

Use text only when crafting emails, and include a link with the option to “view as HTML.” That allows the reader to choose how to view the email instead of being forced upon them. This will contribute to making more sales.


III.) Keep it Short, Sweet and Simple  

Listing all of your company’s or products’ amazing benefits will fail to engage your reader if they see a “too-long-to-read-in-their-busy-schedule” email message.

Email Writing Tips: How to Make More Sales Immediately!
Don’t spend too much time producing a laundry list of bragging points; entice them with the following:

  • An introduction: Who you are, what you do, and why they should even care
  • A testimonial excerpt from a current customer or client
  • A mention of what their problem is or might be, and how your product/service will solve it
  • A special offer or gift if they respond now (or the promise of limited availability)
  • A strong call-to-action (buy or respond now, tomorrow or later by doing X, Y or Z)
  • Contact information; including URL, phone number, contact name, email etc.

Those points may seem like a lot to incorporate into one email, but with the perfect strategy, offering and message, it will be quite easy to do.


I will cut this short so you can absorb and implement these email writing tips to make more sales, without falling asleep first!

Tune in a week or so as we explore more PROVEN tips to higher revenue, using email marketing!

Until next time,



Jarvis Edwards – Freelance Copywriter

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