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Email Marketing: How to Avoid Being Flagged as SPAM

By Lisa @Lisapatb

A total of 2,364,534 emails are sent across the internet in just 1 second. And of them, 67% are spam! To understand the importance of correct email marketing services and campaigns you do not need to read any statistics.

At any time of the day, you are using your email. To write a friend, to apply for a job offer, to respond to a customer, or to request information.

If you want to be a successful email marketer, you have to make sure that your messages are opened by recipients without ending up in the trash (or even worse, being flagged as SPAM).

How can you accomplish this mission with email marketing?

Here are some suggestions you can apply to your next email marketing campaign.

email marketingLearn how to avoid being marked as spam in your email marketing campaigns.

1. Use Reputable Email Marketing Services

Deliverability is an important metric you should pay attention to when analyzing the results of your email marketing campaign.

You want to make sure to increase the messages as much as possible. The messages that actually get to the destination, in relation to the number of emails sent.

If you think about it, that’s a parameter that is affected both by the ESP (email service provider) and you (the business).

It’s therefore important to invest in a great autoresponder (for example, GetResponse has 99% email deliverability) and make sure to keep increasing your online reputation.

You need to work on creating a clear policy that respects your subscribers and be sure to build your mailing list with a double opt-in.

It’s also suggested to have a clear unsubscribe process that gives users the chance to quit your newsletter right away.

Maintaining your mailing list as clean as possible is a basic point to keep atop deliverability, which means enhancing your reputation as a sender and respecting the CAN-SPAM act.

There are other email marketing services available today such as:

  • MailChimp
  • Encharge
  • Constant Contact
  • Zoho
  • Proton
  • Moosend
  • Active Campaign
  • SendInBlue
  • Convert Kit

Find one that you are comfortable using as you will need to send out marketing emails every week or at least every other week.

It's also suggested to have a clear unsubscribe process that gives users the chance to quit your newsletter right away. #emailmarketing
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2. Solve A Problem With Email Marketing

If you had the certainty that a newsletter service could help you solve at least one of your problems, would you like to subscribe?

And when the title of the message landing in your email would already provide part of the answer to a problem you’re trying to solve, would you be tempted to open it?

A good example of how a newsletter that provides answers and information is certainly opened is given by the services offered by Quibb.

Quibb is a professional network that allows people to share relevant information about their work. The purpose of the website is to target its subscribers on the arguments and news of the day that best meets their professional needs.

solve a problem for your email subscribersHelp your readers solve a problem in emails.

Do you know what is the open rate of the emails coming from Quibb?

However, it varies from 50 to 70 percent!

It is an incredibly high result if you think that the average opening rate of an email is about 25.6%, according to a study by the Direct Marketing Association.

3. Help Your Subscribers To Make Or Save Money

Groupon has become really popular thanks to the possibility offered to its customers (registered users), to access daily discounted gift certificates and vouchers usable at local or national companies.

Revolutionizing the dynamics of traditional sales, Groupon has managed to bring significant benefits to its customers. These benefits translate into considerable savings on every purchase made.

What does Groupon do to announce the availability of a good discount to its users?

It makes use of a mailing list, of course!

Now, the recipients of these commercial messages want to open them right away, intrigued by the interesting opportunities offered.

The title of your email must contain, in just forty characters, the message you want to convey to your subscribers: “Free Shipping”, “Discount” or “Advantage” are among the terms used to indicate unequivocally the opportunity that you want to offer your leads.

But pay attention to drawing the longbow, you want to keep your spam score as low as possible. So avoid excessive use of the term “FREE” in the subject of your emails or in uppercase words.

Now, to improve your spam score, visit this list of terms by SpamAssassin and be sure to not use them in your email marketing campaigns.

Remember to run A/B tests. In some cases, the “free shipping” offer can be much more attractive than a percentage discount on the product purchased.

For some customers, however, saving just a few dollars can make a difference!

If you want to keep your target audience engaged, you absolutely need to identify the right offer. An offer that satisfies the real needs of your users.

For some customers, however, saving just a few dollars can make a difference! #emailmarketing
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4. Deliver Great Content

You never stop learning.

This motto is always present in the choices you make every day, even if you are not aware.

To hone your professional knowledge, for example, you attend courses, conferences, and seminars, read books and do everything to stay up to date. Right?

Think how it could be helpful to have the opportunity to receive an email each week with updates and information that can help improve yourself. Or, improve your professional life to be more competitive and successful.

great content for emailsProvide great content to your readers in your email marketing.

Emails with useful information, advice, and practical suggestions, have an open rate of 40% more than those that are focused solely on the sale of a product!

Well, you should aim to deliver just relevant and interesting content to your subscribers. However, not to only sell your products or services.

5. Strive To Be A Good Entertainer

Some well-structured emails, other than text, contain also some element of entertainment such as a video or an image.

This helps make the reading more enjoyable, stimulating unconsciously the possible sale.

It is a trend that is growing stronger and that opens up new developments for the user experience when shopping online.

According to Forrester Research, adding media in an email increases the click of visitors two/three times.

Is it therefore possible to create a message that knows how to entertain the reader? And, at the same time helps him make or save money and provides information to solve a problem.

Well, most of the emails only focus on one of these topics.

My advice? Take a look at the last emails you sent to your subscribers. Then, make a note of how many of these subjects you covered.

If you have not used any, then you should seriously reconsider your approach to the audience you are targeting.

Remember, good communication is the foundation of every successful business.

What Do You Think of Email Marketing Services?

Are you running a successful newsletter? What email marketing services are you using? Do you have any more to add to the list above?

Please share your tips or experience in the comments below, thanks!

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