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Elizabeth Taylor and Her Affair With Jewellery

By Sanjeev Chaudhary @9GemDotCom
Elizabeth Taylor and her affair with jewelryElizabeth Taylor and her affair with jewellery

The legendary Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor has always been known for her luxurious living and impeccable style. She has been the style icon of the 1960s and her love for jewelry and the immense collection of the same have often hit the headlines. The actress as beautiful she was on screen had an immense sense of fashion offline too.

Like her many lovers and husbands, Taylor possessed a number of vintage jewelry pieces that are still the talk of the town. In love with diamonds and emerald gemstone, her lovers knew what they needed to do to win her for life.

For instance, the diamond and emerald set that she owns was a gift from her lover and occasional husband Richard Burton. Owner of one of the most important private jewelry collection in America, her affair with jewelry lasted long, unlike her lovers. This was also portrayed in a famous book (by her) Elizabeth Taylor: My love affair with jewelry.

So, Here’s Bringing You A Short Detail About Her Collection That is Going Under The Hammer At The Christie’s.

A Pair Of Emerald And Diamond Ear Pendants:
Emerald And Diamond earrings

Gifted by Richard Burton in 1960, these beauties have often magnified the charm of the actresses. She was spotted in them in the Paris premiere of Lawrence of Arabia in 1962. She also wore them to greet Queen Elizabeth in Washington in 1962.

Gold Charm Jewellery:

Elizabeth Taylor Gold Charm

A gold and multi-gem charm, which gave her company till her last days in 2011 was a memento of her life’s achievements. These comprised of gold gifts from her lovers and directors from her film. Interestingly, there was even a Henry VIII gold half-sovereign of 1544 and a gold ball-shaped locked that engraved the names of her children.

An Ivory And Gold Necklace From Her Designer Friend Edith Head:
elizabeth taylor wear ivory and gold necklace

It stood as a mark of their lifelong friendship right after her first film ‘A palace in the Sun’. This 18th-19th century necklace was willed by Edith for her young friend.

Ruby And Diamond Jewellery:
Elizabeth Taylor_ Ruby and Diamond Earrings

A gift of ruby gemstone and diamond earrings from producer Mike Todd, these beauties must have been memorable for the queen of cinema as they were gifted by him when she was pregnant.

Ruby And Diamond Jewellery Necklace:
Ruby & Diamond Necklace

This intricate piece of the necklace has Burmese rubies set in a geometric weave of the diamond setting necklace. No wonder, Elizabeth wore them with fitting perfection.

Emerald And Diamond Brooch:
Elizabeth Taylor Emerald and diamond brooch

Liz’s emerald gems collection are known worldwide. But this masterpiece was one of the most-worn beauties by the actress. A gift from Richard Burton in 1960, it was worn by the actress in several ways-as a brooch or as a heard gear.

Diamond Tiara:
Diamond Tiara

It was a gift from Mike Todd, third husband of Elizabeth Taylor. He gifted her saying that you are my queen and therefore you need a tiara. She wore the tiara for the Academy awards when Mike’s film Around the World in 80 Days got the best film.

Diamond Chandelier Earrings:
Diamond chandelier earrings

These are probably one of the favourites of Elizabeth. She had discovered them in a Paris boutique. Even though it was a paste material, she asked her husband Todd to buy them for her, which he obliged to do. He, however, is said to have replaced all the glass with polished diamonds, which she highly appreciated.

The Krupp Diamond:
The Krupp Diamond

Although this was a gift from Burton, it held a significant meaning for Elizabeth Taylor. It was owned by Vera Krupp, one of the famous munitions family who knocked out millions of Jews. She bought it as a memento of the past, being a Jewish herself. Although Burton had to pay $305,000 for the 33.19 carats Harry Winston ring, Taylor had immense affection for it.

The Taylor-Burton Diamond:
elizabeth taylor-Burton diamond

This is one of her most favorites and a remarkable gift from Burton. It was actually a pear-shaped diamond that Burton purchased her at an auction for $1 million. It was originally set as a ring but was too big for Taylor, which is when she decided to design it as a necklace. And the contract was given to Cartier. She was spotted with the new design at the Academy Awards in 1970.

Sapphire Necklace Jewellery:
Elizabeth Taylor Sapphire necklace

This too was a gift by Burton, which was a perfect combination of diamond and sapphire sautoir necklace featuring a 321 carat Sapphire Gemstone pendant.

Yellow Diamond Necklace:
Yellow Diamond Necklace

She wore this on loan with her yellow Valentino dress at a function where she was to receive the Hersholt Humanitarian Academy Award for her anti-AIDS activism. The necklace was a white and yellow daisy diamond with chrysoprase leaves. After the evening, she is said to have bought the necklace considering it as her lucky charm.

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