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Elena [email protected] = Scam

By Richard Randall @aude11360

Hey ! Dear whether found your soul mate on dating? Iam Elena. I’m very cheerful, cheerful, positive girl. It happened that I went to the dating agency for dating men. I am 30 years old and I am very lonely in love. I’m looking for a real man for a serious relationship, family, general, I want to find your life partner! I will be pleased if we can find our common interests for our acquaintance. And yet it would be better if we can obednit our common interests in the future. Rest assured, our acquaintance will be happy! I will wait for your reply.
With best wishes your, Elena. [email protected] [email protected]


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By Obed Kiswaga
posted on 03 March at 14:23

Kwa Siku Leo ninashukuru Kwa mbunge wa arusha mjini Kuwait huru japo si chama changu jela sio pazuri

By Chris Giamou
posted on 29 January at 01:05

be carefull of this woman, she is a big time scammer she will talk to you for a few weeks and then want to come to see you but needs money for air fare, also saying that all russian men drink and bash women what a lot of bull shit, she is persistant , but she is not very smart , very very dum, she has a broken phone like her boken image , making all russian women look cheap and slutty with out any brains i have reported her to government authorities with photos , i hope they catch her and put her in jail to rot, be very carfull of this woman