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Elementary School Gears Up for a More Improved Spanish Language Learning

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Teachers are, and will always be the deciding factors of how the learners can respond in their language learning—particularly when they learn Spanish language.

That’s why; the recently posted report written by Tawny Maya McCray concluded how Chula Vista Elementary School District is sprucing up teacher training this year in an effort to improve education for English- and Spanish-language learners.

According to the reporter’s post, the mentioned elementary school launched training for teachers and administrators along with the San Diego County Office of Education. Such training mentioned a document called Side by Side, such that it can help the teachers plan instruction by breaking down language standards. Everything from skills, knowledge, and to the concepts that students need, it shall gradually be taught individually, starting by the grade level. Just like California language arts standards are broken down by grade categories: kindergarten-second, third-fifth, sixth-eight and ninth-12th.

This indeed good news, isn’t it? Personally, you don’t necessarily need to really get your child to learn English at language school or even Spanish language at special schools because the educational schools like Chula Vista chose to level up their learning methods. It was honestly a ground-breaking program in this school because students enrolled in this institution can now enjoy their learning in a more innovated level.

“The [Side by Side] helps any child struggling with language and literacy because it breaks down the learning…” said Emma Sanchez, executive director of language acquisition and development for the district. It’s critical for teachers to know the intricacies of the language.” Now that’s something that doesn’t want to settle for less. There will always be room for improvement, just as Chula Vista Elementary School chose to improve their ways of teaching Spanish and English among their young students.

It’s really nice and thoughtful for those schools and other language institutions that they chose to improve their teaching skills and methods among students. Well, if languages as a whole are gradually evolving as one generation is passing its knowledge to other generations, learning methods should evolve as well. Such innovative step for improved language learning is indeed an act worth acknowledging for. What do you think?

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