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Elemental Thieves

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Elemental ThievesNo one can interrupt my peace and I can’t help but to laugh and dismiss what I have no patience for the outrageous problems of others that have absolutely nothing to do with me and their comparisons that I don’t at all relate to the ignorance that they hold the lies that they tell and believe along with the excuses that don’t make any sense.

Where do these people come from and what the hell do I care?!

I was one to never tolerate nonsense and never one to fall for bullshit I just don’t have time for it and I never understood people that would continue on in their foolishness as they reflected both a combination of stupidity and sickness. It is just a natural part of their unfortunate genetic makeup as many of them are born already composed with the properties of being disturbed and the circumstance has nothing to do with what walk of life that one comes from.

There are plenty that come from unsavory backgrounds or environments that weren’t negatively or psychologically affected by their atmosphere that go on to lead healthy and harmonious lives and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

The planet is full of plenty walking around with illnesses that haven’t been diagnosed.

There are a lot of crazy people in the world and they’d always seem to find me. It felt sometimes like as if I was a trash magnet with undesirables invading my space whether they tried to befriend me or challenge me.

All around their presence was annoying and transparently darkening, a bunch of dread and inconvenience, they were just pure pests not able to discern or accept that I did not want to be bothered or that I didn’t appreciate their existence.

Elemental Thieves
It is thought and said by some that we attract what we hate and some even believe that we attract what we ourselves are but I couldn’t disagree more to each individual his or her own.

These are demons that just try to steal and feed off of our good and positive energy in the most outlandish and sometimes even perverted of ways. They want to snatch and swipe us up for what we have.

Sometimes people don’t see themselves as we view them as there are those that don’t view us in the way that we actually are but when one has the vision to interpret revelation through the assessment that comes from one’s “open eye” (mind’s eye/third eye) we uncover a value of hidden information that serves for us to evolve and to elevate.

And within our cognizance of instance and content, we’re unwavering in the face of the flames, and we go through the fires without ever getting burned.

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