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Electronic Glove Helps Doctors Diagnose

Posted on the 24 August 2012 by Ningauble @AliAksoz

A new product dubbed the Glove Tricorder by Med Sensation aims to make it easier for doctors – and patients – to diagnose enlarged kidneys, other sub-dermal issues and breast cancer.

This second prototype of the medical gadget is home to a veritable arsenal of sound and vibration sensors, including an accelerometer, pressure and temperature modules. Eventually, Med Sensation hopes to place ultrasound pads on the fingertips, allowing physicians to peer inside the body while they attempt to diagnose you. At the moment, the system is better suited for providing feedback — guiding trainees in the proper techniques for giving exams.

The project is part of the graduate studies program at the Singularity – ahem – University. It was founded by a Harvard medical student, Andrew Bishara, and a pair of engineers, Elishai Ezra and Fransiska Hadiwidjana.



Electronic Glove helps doctors diagnose


Electronic Glove helps doctors diagnose


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