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Electrify Your Acoustic Experience

By Fashionnerd @fashion_nerd13
electrify your acoustic experience
electrify your acoustic experience
electrify your acoustic experience
The last couple of months have been full of baby prep procrastination, birthday celebrations and lots of Castle re-runs. Following the Vintage Whites Market, I came down with a pretty intense DIY bug (something you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram), so I've got plenty of pretty nursery decor, tutorials and baby updates to share with you over the next couple of weeks while we anxiously await little Kumquat's arrival. She's due to get here Memorial Day weekend, but she's clearly anxious to make her debut and may be here earlier than expected.
Tonight, however, I've got something to share that all stylish + music loving ladies can appreciate: Skullcandy, the bad ass headphone company The Boy works for, recently released a new women's line, chock full of some truly gorgeous pieces of audio tech artwork. They've designed three new pieces to meet ladies' listening needs (such as special fit and acoustic tuning) in a smattering of lovely colors and neat prints. I kind of love listening to music while I shop (both to avoid being pestered by pushy sales clerks or forced to listen to Bieber over the store radio), and Skullcandy's pretty new designs mean I can do so while indulging in one of my other favorite hobbies (accessorizing!).
Skullcandy's new women's pieces are the Knockout (on-ear headphones), the Bombshell and the Dime (both earbuds) in three beautiful designs, including a breathtaking burgundy & coral floral print, black & white geometric design and robin's egg blue & smoked purple combo. They all come with chic carry cases and Apple compatible mics & remotes (the mic will work with Android, but not the remote - sad panda!).
electrify your acoustic experience
My favorite piece from Skullcandy's new women's initiative is the Electric Knockout, a limited edition version of the Knockout line of on-ear headphones specially sized and tuned for women's ears. This techno-rainbow-studded dream is the brainchild resulting from Skullcandy's recent collaboration with my favorite make up brand of all time, Urban Decay. The Boy snagged me a set for my 28th birthday last month, and I pretty much take them with me everywhere - see, not only does the cord detach so the headphones can double as an accessory, but the quilted black leather case makes for an awesome clutch. I have to give whoever came up with the idea for a Skullcandy x Urban Decay collab mad props, because the two brands go together like the perfect red lipstick and a black leather jacket (as in, made for each other).
Aside from being someone who's self worth revolves around how her hair looks, as a wearer of glasses, I've always struggled with on-ear headphones - they tend to press my ears against the arms of the glasses and imprint them into the sides of my head (#ow). By solving the matted hair headband effect dilemma, however, Skullcandy also seems to have conquered the glasses issue with the new Knockout design; the just-clampy-enough band has enough pressure to keep the headphones in place without crimping your hairstyle or cementing your glasses into the sides of your head.
electrify your acoustic experience
The blue & purple earbuds are from the Dime line; the off-axis design means they actually fit into your ear (particularly since they come with two sizes of gels for optimal comfort). While the less obvious design isn't quite as good at repelling pesky commission-based sales reps, they work better for more active adventures, like jogging (cuz that's totally something I do), as do the Bombshell buds.
All in all, I'm a huge fan of Skullcandy's new ladies' stuff and stoked that it's finally here. Check out the full collection on their website, here, and be sure to follow them on Instagram (@skullcandywomen / #raisehell).
Our next OB appointment is Wednesday afternoon; check back later this week for an update on Kumquat's status + photos of the nursery-in-progress!
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