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Electric Universe - David Icke - Saturn Worship

Posted on the 05 September 2018 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Electric Universe - David Icke - Saturn Worship

new novel coming in 2020

of all the alternative-mindset concepts the Free Planet blog has featured, like 9/11 and UFOs and Growing Earth and gah there's loads of them, Talbott and Thornhill's ELECTRIC UNIVERSE has proven to be the most alluring... for myself and others.
While I've been banging on about electric universe for a few years now, I'm habitually 50/50 as to whether I totally subscribe to Talbott and Thornhill's ideas about having an ancient sun (i.e. Saturn) that was depicted in carving and symbolism by ancient man and carried through to modern times by the secretive Freemasonic and other agencies.
Electric Universe seems to (want to) negate 'gravity' and 'collisions' as the guiding dynamic of the universe and promotes the idea that 'we are all part of the electric matrix' that glows or doesn't glow depending on the electrical potential across the light years. Venus is so hot, so young, there's no way it can be considered part of the standard accretion disc model of our Solar System and Earth must be a recent intruder to the sun's locality.
As I did with my 2018 dual/duelling trilogy novels Free Planet vs War World, electric universe ideas form a core foundation for the narrative events in my forthcoming new Hertzan Chimera novel LAST OF THE CATHEDRA (illo attached).
We love David Icke, as crazy as he comes across, his mind's a big magpie-like muddle but you never know how close such an intuitive might be to 'the truth' of it all... hence & therefore:

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