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"Electoral Fraud: Voters Will Have to Show ID in Pilot Scheme"

Posted on the 27 December 2016 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From the BBC:
Voters will have to show proof of identity in a government pilot scheme to reduce electoral fraud.
Some councils in England, including Birmingham and Bradford, will trial the scheme at local elections in 2018. Constitution minister Chris Skidmore said the pilot would "ensure the integrity of our electoral system".

Fair enough, but actual fraudulent voting at the ballot box is negligible, it would require real nerves and you'd have to gamble on the person whose vote you are stealing not having already voted.
The real big frauds all relate to postal voting, they ought to tighten up on that and they've fixed 90% of fraudulent voting…
There will also be reforms to improve the security of the postal ballot system, such as requiring postal voters to re-apply every three years.
In other words, they are not taking this seriously at all. I suppose there are two kinds of postal voter, the disabled and people who happen to be going away at the time of the election. Seeing as ballot cards are sent out a couple of weeks before an election, couldn't we just ask those people to use their ballot cards in advance, the disabled can drop them off at their GP or something else convenient for them and those who are going to travel can vote early at the nearest town hall?

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