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Election Campaign Broadcasts (video)

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Yahadut Hatorah
UTJ stops the decrees
(pretty good video.. as I watched I was expecting them to add more "players" or goalies, as per how many seats they'd like to expect to win, showing that the more seats they get the better they can protect the community from the decrees)

stopping Iran

would we be here if Begin hadn't done the right thing?

Habayit Hayehudi
behind the scenes

the derby

the true story, part 4

exclusive exposure of Netanyahu's speech in front of Congress

a million Israelis are not criminals

Yesh Atid
a message to olim

Kulanu Kahlon
we loved Likud, vote Kahlon

Aleh Yarok
we'll give everyone back the right to sleep respectfully

citizens for change

forum of guardians of the land
Eli Yishai's costume

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