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Election Campaign Broadcasts (video)

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
first some non-party election videos, before we get to the latest party videos..
Voice of Israel asks Jerusalemites: Who Will Be the Next Prime Minister?

MKs sing "Kulam bKalfi"

and now for the party videos...
Yahadut HaTorah

no housing solutions for the Haredi community

Defending our Children (anti-Porn party)
we've abandoned the place our children live

Otzma Yehudit (Yachad - Ha'Am Itanu)
putting an end to Tibi and Zoabi

Yesh Atid
Gvira and Erez's story

Uri Ariel is not undecided

a good chance for legalization (they are taking a page of of Aleh Yarok's book)

Habayit Hayehudi
Rav Eli Ben Dahan isn't apologizing

Do you remember that I love you? (they are campaigning even though they aren't officially part of any specific party)

Hamachane Hatzioni
Yachimovich and Cabel spoof Glamin and Netanyahu

Kulanu Kahlon
if housing prices had gone up 16% under my watch...

Generals for the security of Israel
also not a party, just campaigning against Netanyahu

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