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Election Campaign Broadcasts (video)

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The Netanyahu's open their house to a famous Israeli interior designer, and he takes a tour of the Prime Minister's residence.. the results might be surprising..
(in my opinion this is a great video clip. It is both interesting and intimate. it humanizes Sara Netanyahu, after everything we hear about her from the press, and it gives us a naked look at the PM's residence. Bibi-supporters watch the video and say wow, what a humble house, they dont waste money, she is such a good host and a nice person, not like as portrayed in the media. Bibi-opponents watch the video and say Sara is a horrible housekeeper, the whole thing was staged, they are destroying State property and should be investigated for the way treat it)

Habayit Hayehudi
at the point of decision, Bennet (Bennet was the first to recognize the threat of the tunnels from Gaza)

Yesh Atid:
fighting for the country.. from every porch

Netanyahu as Finance Minister today can save the factory's employees from being fired..
(I dont get this video - if I understand it correctly, and maybe I do not, the layoffs in this factory are the result of a program put in place to make the factory more efficient as a result fo the Sheshinsky Report. The person responsible for this implementation was Yair Lapid. And now he is blaming Netanyahu? Am I missing something?)

Yisrael Beyteynu
terror against the State - it is time to put it to an end

Hanoch Daum and Eli Yishai - the zoo of Shas

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