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Election Campaign Broadcasts (video)

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
a promo to encourage voting:
you are the real star.. elections 2015

The Green Party:
the Green party prevented continued abuse of animals in circuses:

dealing with the really important things:

Koolanu Kahlon:
reviewing Yair Lapid's term in office:

reviewing Bibi Netanyahu's term of office:

Habayit Hayehudi:
stopping the terrorists camp:

Bennet comes.. to Jerusalem

Tzippi and mistakes

official elections trailer:

Hamachane Hatzioni:
Bibi - it really isn't funny

Bibi's comedy, the health industry is collapsing:

Kulanu Na Nach:
by Orly and Guy

Green Leaf:
be a partner to change (my opinion - they aren't going to get very far if they are busy campaigning to raise money for the elections rather than campaigning for the elections itself...)

haters.. a love story

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