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Elderly UNARMED Man Stops Armed Robbery of His Home

Posted on the 05 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
Oh, look!  We DON'T all need a gun for home defense, now do we? Of course not! Round of applause for a fit and feisty OLD white man who got the job done just fine without it! (a fond nudge to our commenter FWM) 
Hooray for you, Mr. Kearney, well done sir!
Part of the event was caught by a neighbor's surveillance security camera, but for some reason the embed of that video is not working properly - so if you'd like to see the video interview, please follow the link below.  (Guess all that video surveillance DOES make us more free after all, if it helps law enforcement fight crime!)
From HuffPo:

Larry Kearney, Elderly Colo. Springs Man, Fights Off Robber From His Home

Larry Kearney, an elderly 73-year-old Colorado Springs man, fought back against a gunman in the doorway of his home and, although injured, stopped the robbery attempt, The Denver Post reports.
According to 7News, police say that the robber, described as between the ages of 18 and 25, came to Kearney’s front door around 10 a.m. asking for directions to a local store and to come inside Kearney’s home. Instead, Kearney drew him a map, keeping the suspect locked out on his porch. However, upon unlocking his door to hand out the map, the suspect pulled out a handgun, demanded money and tried to force his way into the house.
But Kearney wasn't going to go down without a fight -- he pushed back and landed a punch on the robber. The robber and the victim struggled on on the front porch momentarily until the suspect slammed Kearney’s head into the porch, ran off and escaped into a getaway car that was driven by another man, The Gazette reports. Kearney was hurt, but he successfully protected his home -- the robber got away empty handed.
KKTV reports Kearney was treated and released at the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. KKTV spoke to Kearney about the incident, who said:
I just hope they realize that they may push people around but they’re not going to push all of us around, just because I’m old doesn’t mean I’m a pushover.
Although Kearney stopped the robbery and his injuries were superficial, police say that it is safer to just cooperate with an armed robber as long as they are not attempting an abduction.

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