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Eiffel Tower for Sale?

By Becomingmadame @BecomingMadame

No, not really. But a part of its staircase is up for auction tomorrow.


This morning as I was perusing the newspaper a photo of an oddly out-of-place twirling staircase caught my eye. Reading the caption under the photo and then scanning the headline of the article filled in the blanks…

Two-and-a-half meters of the Eiffel Tower’s staircase dating back to 1889, the original construction, are going on sale tomorrow, November 22. They are estimated to bring in 40-50,000€.


If you’d like a piece of Paris, literally, in your living room – and if you have 2,6 meter high ceilings (how many of us do…?) – that’s almost 9ft – and you have an easy 50-grand to spread around, the auction will take place on Tuesday in the private garden of the lovely Hotel du Rond Point des Champs-Elysées. Phone orders are always an option!


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