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Egged to Renew Advertising with Womens Images in Jerusalem

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
There has been a lot of back and forth on the issue of Egged buses in Jerusalem displaying images of women in the ads. After some destruction to their property, Egged formulated a policy of avoiding advertisements on the sides of the buses with images of women.
After much fighting and legal battling, the situation quieted down with Egged changing their policy to not displaying images of men either. Obviously that was a policy that was doomed to failure.. who is going to spend a lot of money advertising without being allowed to use human images in their ads?
It has been pretty quiet, on that front, for the past two years. The issue, though, is now looking to come back.
Egged has now, reportedly, agreed to display images of women in the advertisements on the sides of buses in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh - just as they do everywhere else in the country. They came to this agreement due to the lawsuit that has been ongoing. Doing this will negate the lawsuit. As part of the agreement, the State will cover the costs of any damage done due to the advertising.
source: Ynet and Kikar
It's gonna be a hot summer!
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