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Egg Orders

By Blairbarnes
A fried egg, sunny side up.

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I’m tired of asking how people want their eggs and they say fried! ALL
EGGS ARE FRIED! THAT’S HOW YOU COOK THEM! “How would you like your
“How would you like them fried?”
“What do you mean?”
“Over easy, over medium, scrambled?”
“No, I don’t want scrambled. I want them fried. Are you an idiot? Do
know how to scramble an egg?”
“Yes we do.”
“Well then, do you care explaining it to me?”
“You crack the egg, then you beat it until it’s scrambled, then you
What does he say? “Oh, I guess you never heard of the recent invention
of the microwave”
Microwave! Seriously!

- You Hop

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