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Egg and Mayo Multigrain Sandwich Recipe

By Jasminebhatia @jas_mine7

Hi Everyone,
Last week I received a hamper from Harvest Select for winning a consolation prize in a contest on their facebook page, but unfortunately I was out of town so I could not take a picture of the hamper but it included a lovely t-shirt, multigrain bread, sweet buns, Bombay pav and wheat bread :)

I have been a fan of their new range of breads since the last few month and today I am going to share a super healthy sandwich recipe which includes their famous multigrain bread…I hope you all like the recipe :)
Egg and Mayo Sandwich
Serving 3
Ingredients6 slices of Harvest Gold – Multigrain Bread (Lightly Toasted)3 Boiled eggs1 small onion (finely Chopped)1 small capsicum (finely chopped)2 tsps Mayonnaise 2 tsps (cheese spread)ButterSalt and black pepper to taste
Egg and Mayo Multigrain Sandwich Recipe
Method1.   Cut the boiled eggs into small cubesEgg and Mayo Multigrain Sandwich Recipe2.   Add finely chopped onion and capsicum to the eggs3.   Now add 2 tsps each of mayo and cheese spread4.   Mix all the ingredients gently, adding salt and pepper to tasteEgg and Mayo Multigrain Sandwich Recipe5.   Now apply a little butter on the toasted bread slices6.   Now put the egg mixture on a bread slice, place another slice on top and enjoy!!Egg and Mayo Multigrain Sandwich RecipeThis sandwich is a great breakfast recipe, and the reason multigrain bread is used for this sandwich is because it has a healthy blend of 11 wholesome grains and seeds such as Whole Wheat, Barley, Gram, Soya Flour, Flaxseeds, Sunflower seeds, Sesame, Oats, Watermelon seeds, Muskmelon seeds and Pumpkin seeds. …Now how healthy is that :)
Hope you all liked the recipe!! Do share your comments :))

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