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Egg Affair

By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie
  I've always liked eggs, but now I like eggs.  Eggs are the first thing I think about in the morning when I think breakfast.  I've been on a scrambled eggs with oatmeal kick lately, then I decided to transfer over to the fried egg side.  I've never been crazy about fried eggs (all that runny yolk!), but I'll make them as Egg-in-the-Holes and cook the yolks til they're firm.  Ohmigosh, wonderful!  Salt and pepper, forget the jelly!
  Speaking of jelly, I just discovered a squeezable container of jelly (this kind) that spent the night in my purse and miraculously made it through unopened and didn't grease up everything inside!  It's my lucky day, I tell ya!Egg Affair
  As you can see there are two "holes" here and only one Egg-in-the-Hole. That dirty fork is guilty as charged. Couldn't help myself!
  My Egg-in-the-Hole recipe comes from my online "food mentor," Pioneer Woman. Check out the recipe here, you'll only need it once because this is one you can easily remember.
  With two egg types down and how many more to go, who knows what's next?  Poached eggs?  Eggs benedict?  "How do you like your eggs?"  (Name that movie!)

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