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Effective Twitter Tips for 2014

Posted on the 14 January 2014 by Siraj Wahid @blogcooters

twitter tips 2014

Social Media is growing; to celebrate the New Year. There are various ways to promote your blog through it. Social Media marketers interpret that Twitter’s use may be dying out in the near future. But before it dies out, you should take full advantage of it. Here are great ways to use twitter in 2014.

Don’t Treat It Too Formally

Forcing promotion down user’s throats isn’t a great idea. Twitter is a Social Media site used for personal and professional reason. It doesn’t mean your interaction should solely for promoting your content. Twitter is micro-blogging intended for social interaction.

Ever saw posts that create generic and spammy advertisement? I hate that. I like it better when people come to me with the intention of interaction and give me a reason to check out their promotion. Seek the people in your niche and learn ways to befriend them.

Get Lots of Followers

Gaining followers is easy.  You just have to keep following users. Twitter is a follower’s game. The more followers you have the more likely your content will be read. But before Twitter can be used to its fullest potential, you have to build your online presence first.

Build Your Online Presence

Social Media is a fun game based on users. Online presence is necessary to get valid promotion. It can be built upon through commenting, guest posting, and social media efforts. By tweeting and retweeting information from others in the same niche. It can be a great tool for promotion.

Create Great Headlines

If you want people to come to your site, your first impression is important. Out of the entire content existing online, why would they read your content? Luckily for you, people are lazy.  Content that in front of their faces. Especially ones that would help and interest them are a blessing.

Order Your Followers

While I won’t get into any crucial steps on how to master your twitter posts, the most essential thing you have to remember is to learn to tell people what to do. Tell them that they should check this out because it can change their lives.I also want you to be really helpful to beginners. Be open to them through twitter or by any other means. Helping them might be useful for you in the future. Heck, you would be even happy to see them obtain their goals.

Use Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to categorize your post for Twitter and Social Media search engines. Landing more easily in the results means more possible readers.It can even lead people to spread the word. So don’t be afraid to join the trend and use Hashtags.

Interact With Users

You see those buttons beneath tweets? Use them. Retweeting is awesome. But what’s more awesome is replying. It’s much more interactive than Retweeting. You can give users your opinion, giving more substance to you and your brand.

Replying may seem like a hassle but learn to use it. It can add humor and excitement to your twitter.Don’t make yourself seem like a spammer. Not everyone should rely on mindless retweeting. Using the “favorite” button can also be great. It’s an awesome way to show your support to people who interest you.


JustRetweet is an awesome way to spread your content. Don’t be afraid to register. It costs almost nothing to register. It’s an online site that helps users your content through retweeting. You can pay these people through the site’s credits. Credits can be obtained through different ways or through cash.

It’s versatile and easy to use, the site is extremely helpful. You can choose how much credits you’ll pay, the amount of people that will retweet you, and how you can retweet others in exchange for credits.


Topsy is a social media search engine mostly centered to twitter. Topsy is a great way to find fellow bloggers in your field. If you want to take full advantage of twitter, use this to find fellow bloggers in your niche and possible readers. I’ve even used it to find possible clients.

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